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Deliver the personalized experiences that 88% of customers want with CRM integrations.

Customer relationship management (CRM) integrations are essential for personalizing experiences and making customers happier. Sprinklr delivers easy access to customer histories and details from your external CRM systems — powered by our proprietary AI, Sprinklr Intuition™ — and automatically routes this information to your agents with every case so they can deliver better, more human experiences every time.


cost savings reported by the 49% of businesses leveraging online communities.

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Reduce contact center costs by 20%.

Serve up customer details from your CRM systems automatically to agents to help them understand customer issues better and personalize service, which in turn helps resolve more cases at first contact and lowers overall service costs.

Boost customer loyalty by 33%.

Give your agents a 360-degree view of your customers so they can deliver personalized, human, and memorable interactions that boost loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.

Serve customers 50% faster.

Empower your agents to serve customers quickly with fast access to AI-powered Smart Responses, informative Knowledge Base articles, and rich customer details from CRM data — all from within one unified agent console.

73% of companies say CSAT is their top priority. How can CRM integration make customers happier and more satisfied?

Customers want fast resolutions with personalized service — and for your agents to understand exactly what they need, every step of the way. How can your agents meet these expectations without requiring customers to repeat information or delay resolutions while they search for the right answers?

The answer is Sprinklr CRM integrations, which deliver a complete view of the customer by capturing all customer details in a single agent console built on the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. This approach also gives you the flexibility to integrate Sprinklr data, functionality, and features seamlessly into external CRM systems, creating a full 360° view that merges customer information with AI-powered smart responses to help them deliver fast, personalized experiences in real time, every time.

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Drive customer engagement and satisfaction with Sprinklr CRM integration.

Connect with our experts to learn how Sprinklr CRM Platform Integration and personalization can help you achieve your goals.

Know your customers better with a 360-degree view.

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Sprinklr OOTB Connectors sync with CRM software so your agents can deliver omnichannel support via the most popular channels including email, web, phone, external CRMs, and social.

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Deliver immediate answers to customers.

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Sprinklr CRM integrations embed customer information and suggested responses in the same screen as customer conversation dialogue windows so your agents can find what they need to resolve cases instantly.

Improve first contact resolution by 90%.

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Sprinklr’s AI automatically creates cases, pulls data from CRM and other sources, forecasts CSAT, and routes customer conversations to the best agent.

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How a unified contact center solution helped AkzoNobel UK reduce response times by 80%.

Offering proactive support with a streamlined care center.

AkzoNobel UK now provides social customer care for 6 different brands and 19 different accounts across 6 social channels — all from a single contact center solution.

Increasing engagement by 172%.

By supporting customers across every step of their journey, AkzoNobel UK has seen a steep increase in interactions, positive sentiment, and even earned reach.

Decreasing average response times by 80%.

Sprinklr cut their average response time from 5 hours 42 minutes to 70 minutes — all in a single year, leading to improved sentiment and happier customers.

Get the Essential Guide to AI for Customer Service.

  • Discover how AI-powered listening on the digital channels your customers prefer can help you get a head start on customer care.

  • Learn how to power IVR deflection via AI-powered chatbots, reducing your call volume and live agent costs.

  • Identify ways to accelerate agent response time by detecting customer intent via AI— and use those insights to serve up helpful data and winning responses.

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“With social, a bad customer experience can spread like wildfire. Sprinklr lets you put out social media fires before you get burned.”

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“The only way for your business to connect on social. Sprinklr has a simple interface. Love it!”

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