The only customer support solution with built-in proactive listening – Sprinklr Service.

Never miss an opportunity to engage in relevant conversations – even those without @mentions – and delight 83% of people who expect brands to respond on social within 1 day.

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Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
e.l.f. cosmetics
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Listen to and address 500M conversations daily

Capture support requests directly from X, formerly Twitter

Tap into support requests, reviews, and feedback that are relevant to your business — directly from X, formerly Twitter — and convert them into support tickets with zero manual intervention.

Control ticket queues and keep your agents focused

Regulate ticket creation with rules, topics, themes, etc. and allow advanced AI to create tickets only from conversations that warrant a response — keeping your ticket queues unclogged.

Inform your support with real-time insights

Tap into trends and sentiments among your target groups by social listening in real-time. Use the insights to improve your service, meet customer expectations, and stay ahead of the competition.

Be proactive, not reactive with your customer support

Use our industry-leading proactive support that's also AI-powered so you can comprehend millions of conversations in a day, without overwhelming your agents.

Harness industry-best AI to filter engageable Tweets from spam

Harness industry-best AI to filter engageable Tweets from spam

Listen to everything but respond only to engageable messages that our 9-layered AI engine segregates into tickets for you.

Use ticket-creation rules to control your case queues

Use ticket-creation rules to control your case queues

Apply multiple conditions so your agents have complete control over ticket creation and their case queues.

Gain contextualized insights from 200B historical messages

Accordion 3 Proactive Listening

Process 500M conversations daily using AI to uncover real-time insights about your customers, competitors, and industry trends, and adapt your support.

Connect Sprinklr Service with solutions you already use

Get a 360-degree view of your customers by integrating Sprinklr with popular sales, marketing, and automation tools.

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Sprinklr powers some of the world’s most customer-obsessed companies

Honda leveraged Sprinklr to deliver unified customer care in a new era of online car sales

“Our goal is to connect authentically with this new generation of car buyers. Having a single workflow across channels — from phone to social media to live chat, chatbot, and voice — enables a true omnichannel contact center.”

Yoshiaki Inoue
Chief of Honda ON

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Prada sells, serves, and retains customers with Sprinklr-led digital innovation

“We believe the future of our luxury brands will be defined by the experiences we create for our customers. Sprinklr unifies our multiple brands across in-person and digital channels to serve customers when and where they prefer.”

Lorenzo Bertelli
Marketing Director
Prada Group

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AkzoNobel UK reduces response times by 80% using Sprinklr’s intuitive care platform

“The quality of our replies has improved. Our agents have more time to find answers and share knowledge via Sprinklr. With shared information, conveniently stored in one platform, the agents can respond more quickly.”

Lisa Boyles
Social Media Manager
AkzoNobel UK

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Streamline your social listening with Sprinklr’s AI-led features


Identify the topics that interest you by creating queries with keywords or phrases and stay focused on relevant conversations only.


Group your listening topics into broad themes and add one-off keywords to the group and streamline your query results.

Exclude retweets

Control ticket creation by setting criteria such as excluding quoted Tweets and retweets from your listening radar.

Ticket threading

Configure the duration for which messages should be “threaded” to the same case and when they need to be treated as a new case.

Location-based filtering

Control ticket creation from proactive listening based on user location to restrict unnecessary ticket creation.

Language-based filtering

Filter incoming tickets by user language and route tickets to agents with the right language proficiency.

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