Drive more revenue from social and amplify your reach with Influencer Marketing.

Modern consumers aren’t looking for brand messages: they want ideas from authentic voices they trust. Sprinklr Influencer Marketing helps you partner with influencers on social media to foster your credibility, amplify your brand voice, and become human@scale — so you can turn social media into a traffic-generating revenue driver.


of consumers trust influencer messaging over brand messages. 

Harvard Business Review

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Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
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Create high-performing content that boosts ROI up to 650%.

Give your strongest content the exposure it deserves. Influencers add a unique perspective that resonates with customers in authentic ways that can help to sway buying decisions.

Increase the reach and credibility of your marketing campaigns.

Sprinklr Influencer Marketing is designed to help brands become human@scale by leveraging the familiar names and faces of influencers to drive customer engagement.

74% of consumers actively avoid brand messaging. How can influencer marketing improve engagement rates and campaign scalability?

The way customers interact with modern channels has evolved — as both brands and consumers are now shifting their focus towards digital channels and social media. At the same time, 42% of consumers don’t trust brands and 69% don’t trust advertisements. With more companies looking to expand their reach on social media, how can they earn the trust and interest of online audiences?

Sprinklr Influencer Marketing helps you put your content in the hands of the people consumers trust. By organizing your campaigns on the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, you can Identify and engage with the right influencers to maximize the reach, authenticity, and impact of your marketing messaging — even as you leverage exclusive data insights from 30+ digital channels to identify strategic opportunities, maintain influencer relationships, and plan and execute content marketing campaigns.

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Increase the reach, engagement, and ROI of your marketing campaigns with Sprinklr Influencer Marketing.

Connect with our experts to discuss your specific marketing goals and use cases.

Partner with top influencers across digital channels — and track their performance.

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Sprinklr Influencer Marketing uses multi-layered AI technology and algorithms to search multiple demographics (including topics/industries, content themes, and social channels) to find the influencers who will bring your marketing to life.

Manage influencer campaigns across 30+ digital and social channels.

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With Sprinklr Influencer Marketing, you can keep track of influencers and campaigns across channels in real time, all in one place. Our filtering and custom field options also give you unprecedented visibility into your partners and projects. 

Manage all of your influencer data in a single, centralized portal.

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Leverage Sprinklr Advocacy to foster a community of influencers — where you can capture information on their social accounts and other crucial details (e.g. contact information, contracts, price per post, clothing sizes, etc.).

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2020 Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management

Sprinklr was recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management based on feedback and ratings from Sprinklr customers.

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Leader in Gartner’s Content Marketing Platform Magic Quadrant, Q1 2020

"Sprinklr has built on its strong social foundations to support marketing... and focused its AI improvements to support the speed and scale of delivery across use cases."

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