Unified Marketing Calendar

Bring all of your paid and organic marketing activities together in one unified marketing calendar.

40% of marketing leaders say content marketing is a critical upper-funnel strategy. But without a single place to manage cross-channel collaboration and scheduling, it’s almost impossible to execute a cohesive, cost-effective strategy. Sprinklr’s Unified Calendar brings all paid and owned activity together in a unified platform — giving your team full visibility into campaign planning and production, so you can streamline workflows; eliminate redundancies; and keep your messaging on-target on every channel.


more visibility for brands when their messaging is consistent across channels.

Feature - Unified Calendar - Bring all of your paid and organic marketing activities together in one unified marketing calendar.
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Increase revenue by identifying and reusing top performing content.

Sprinklr Unified Calendar gives you full visibility into all campaign activities — helping you identify top content you can re-use to drive down production costs and free up budget for other new media investments.

Create consistent, on-brand messaging for ads across all marketing channels.

With increased visibility into all paid and owned ad campaigns across your marketing calendar, it’s easier than ever to review ad content and identify (and remove) any off-brand messages before anything goes to market.

Boost your speed-to-market by up to 40%

Incorporating the Unified Calendar into your Sprinklr Marketing & Advertising workflow eliminates the need to manually review content across multiple channels — getting your message to market faster and more cost-effectively.

How can a unified calendar for marketing ads boost efficiency and cost savings?

Customers interact with brands across over 30 digital channels. But if the messages in your brand’s advertising aren’t consistent from channel to channel — or have a cohesive strategy behind them — your customers are likely to lose trust or become less satisfied with their experiences.

Sprinklr Unified Calendar brings your paid, owned, and earned marketing activities together in one place. As the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, Sprinklr delivers a new level of transparency and cross-channel collaboration to your entire team: no matter where they’re located. They’ll be able to find and eliminate gaps, inconsistencies, and redundancies in ad content production — while creating the cohesive, consistent messaging that supports seamless, positive customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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Gain visibility into marketing activities across all channels with Sprinklr Unified Marketing Calendar.

Connect with our experts to discuss your specific marketing goals and use cases, and discover how Sprinklr Unified Calendar can help you:

Produce consistent content across campaigns and channels

Unify brand strategy, planning, and execution

Support collaboration across teams, channels, and regions

Optimize budget across paid channels with a consolidated view of all upcoming initiatives

Improve customer experiences and optimize speed-to-market by driving more collaboration between your marketing and advertising teams.

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Search for specific ads based on dates and channels to view only related content and activities — and spend less time searching through your entire calendar.

2020 Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management

Sprinklr was recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management based on feedback and ratings from Sprinklr customers.

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Leader in Gartner’s Content Marketing Platform Magic Quadrant, Q1 2020

"Sprinklr has built on its strong social foundations to support marketing... and focused its AI improvements to support the speed and scale of delivery across use cases."

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