Ratings & Reviews

How many stars for your Rating and Review system?

A valuable – and underused – source of insights.

Rating and review pages help brands understand how consumers really feel about them. Aside from highlighting positive customer quotes, however, businesses typically don’t make full use of the valuable insights these pages provide. To compete today, brands must do away with disparate tools and reporting systems, take their analysis beyond the anecdotal level, and fully harness the trusted voice of their customers.

View your most highly rated products in a glance.

Generate better insights to drive superior customer experience.

With Sprinklr Shopper Ratings & Reviews, your brand can see reviews in the context of other social media activity, allowing you to better understand customer sentiment across the digital landscape. Use seamless data integration and a consistent management experience across teams and channels to lower costs and reduce complexity. And above all, generate insights that can help you improve the customer experience across all touch points.

Unified experience for them. Unified management for you.

  • Monitor ratings, reviews, comments, and replies in Sprinklr dashboards and analyze those insights within the context of other social data.
  • Establish benchmarks for engagement rates, consumer sentiment, conversion rate, and other key metrics – all of which are easily tracked and integrated into reporting.
  • Engage customers in their channel of choice and enrich their experience by providing relevant content across touch points.
  • Maintain responsive customer care while planning, sourcing, and publishing campaigns.
  • Set up intelligent, automated case management, including profiling and segmentation.


Measure product performance holistically through the Commerce Reporting dashboard.

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