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Discover Sprinklr’s 18.11 Fall '23 Release loaded with innovative AI-powered capabilities that improve team productivity and efficiency, with a focus on usability.

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Boost containment and self-serve with Conversational AI+

Unlock the full potential of generative AI powered conversational bots.

Auto-train FAQ bots

Hallucination Prevention

Voice bot enhancements

Expand bot knowledge efficiently

Create Generative AI powered FAQ bots by utilizing existing Knowledge Base articles and documents.

Auto-train FAQ bots

Innovative Live Chat capabilities to accelerate CX success

Simplify experiences for customers reaching out on Live Chat with the latest enhancements.

Speech to Text

Agent Screen Share

Multi-party Video Call

Enable effortless interactions

Provide your customers with editable real-time transcription of spoken queries and requests.

Speech to Text

Enhancements in Voice

Empower frontline supervisors and admins with new features on inbound and outbound voice.

Lead Scoring

Call Retry Rules

Dialer ID Assignment

Drive higher connections and campaign productivity

Improve contact strategy by scoring your leads on contact intensity, rolling period and lead intensity.

Lead Scoring

Agent Heartbeat

Automate microphone and connectivity monitoring

Ensure incoming calls are routed only to fully prepared agents with reliable WebRTC connections and functional microphones. Gain real-time insights on connection stability with Agent Heartbeat.
Agent Heartbeat

Proactive Issue Troubleshooting

Ensure agents with connectivity issues are not assigned cases

Mitigate the impact of technical challenges on service quality by guiding agents through necessary steps to rectify issues before they can resume work.
Proactive Issue Troubleshooting

Sprinklr AI+ powered enhancements in Communities and Insights Hub

Harness the combined power of Sprinklr AI and Generative AI.

Post Summary and Search Enhancements with AI+

Create a seamless community experience

Provide community users with a short and crisp summary of the discussion thread upfront so that they can easily identify if the threads resolve their query. 
Post Summary and Search Enhancements with AI+

Drill-down on contact drivers for actionability

Get to the bottom of each contact driver

Gain access to multi-level drill-down on each contact driver. Identify root causes along with a deep dive on most highlighted factors, issues, and topics. Uncover generative AI-powered suggestions to resolve each root cause.
Drill-down on contact drivers for actionability

WhatsApp Payment Gateway Integrations

Complete customer purchase journey on WhatsApp

Create an end-to-end commerce journey within WhatsApp, from order creation to payment.
WhatsApp Payment Gateway Integrations

Multi-lingual Transitions for Guided Workflows

Build once and scale across multiple languages

Move away from building the same guided workflow for each language. Allow configurators to download the file and fill the language column fields with their desired translations, which will then be applied to the designated Guided Workflow.
Multi-lingual Transitions for Guided Workflows


A summarized executive view of all product reviews with Insights Hub

Get a complete view of product reviews, including a summary of metrics, trends, and top/bottom performing products on a weekly, monthly, & quarterly basis. Automatically surface underlying root causes and gauge their impact on metrics such as star rating.

Get contextual insights in just one click with drill-down usability improvements

Users can now choose between multiple types of drill-down, from trends and conversation analysis to visual analysis and the standard drilldown functionality.

Use Case-Based Groupings

Standard Drill Down


Drill down effortlessly

Drill-downs are grouped by use cases, reducing scroll, simplifying navigation and helping users gain necessary context.

Use case-based groupings


Save time and manual effort with FPDI revamp

First Party Data Ingestion helps reduce setup time by allowing users to upload their own data in tabular format into Sprinklr. Users can now add new columns of data, apply transformations on columns, save and finally save configurations as a draft.
FPDI Playground 


Get enhanced news coverage with 220,000 additional sources

Sprinklr's news coverage now spans 195+ countries and includes an additional 3 million news articles daily. Sprinklr will also support faster addition of new digital sources that are requested by customers.
New Source Expansion


Gain more visibility and control over your content and campaigns 

Sprinklr brings you a whole host of tools that help you create better content, streamline workflows, and proactively optimize campaigns.

Creative Management

Elevate asset efficiency with pre-flight scoring and asset discovery

Generate predictive performance scores for ad creatives based on brand guidelines and historical success, to improve creative efficiency, reduce production expenses and elevate ROAS. Also discover & repurpose top assets to further improve cost-efficiency.
AI-powered Asset Scoring

Lead Management

Engage with prospects more effectively

Simplify lead management by automatically generating cases for leads from campaigns on channels like Meta, LinkedIn & TikTok using Sprinklr’s Journey Facilitator. Integrate these leads with your CRM, enhance prospect engagement & improve conversion rates.
Case Creation For Leads

Create engaging content for non-social channels faster, with Sprinklr AI+

The combined power of Sprinklr AI and Generative AI now expands to digital channels beyond social.

Content Generation

Content Localization

Simplification And Tone Modification

Create content faster and at scale

Use Sprinklr AI+ to quickly generate copy options, CTAs, and content variations for emails, newsletters, landing pages, press releases, blogs and SMS.

Content Generation

Version Control For Workflows

Empower administrators with better control over workflows

Sprinklr's new versioning capabilities for workflows help admins retain past configurations, understand changes & revert to older versions. This gives admins visibility & helps them control over complex workflows and ensure the right outcomes.
Version Control For Workflows

Leave Management

Ensure no task goes unattended, even when teams are away

Ensure work continuity even when task owners are on leave, with automated task reassignment. Powered by predefined conditions & a reassignment request form, this capability ensures uninterrupted workflows & avoid reactive task reassignment.
Leave Management


Discover ways to boost social engagement and improve team productivity

Explore all the new features and enhancements across Asset Management, Reporting, Employee Advocacy and Distributed Marketing.

Image Search in DAM

Easily find images in DAM with AI-powered search

Image Search in DAM
Use AI-powered Contextual Search to locate an image based on its content. The AI automatically analyses every image in the asset manager and tags it based on the its contents.

Version Control in Reporting

Track and recover past versions of reporting dashboards

Version Control in Reporting
Sprinklr Social users can now track all the changes made in a reporting dashboard and restore previous versions to overcome accidental changes, or other unforeseen issues.

Reaction Campaigns in Advocacy

Boost engagement on brand posts with ‘Auto Like’

Reaction Campaigns in Advocacy
Ensure that social posts shared by your brand automatically receive likes from the advocates' connected social accounts. Aditionally, advocactes can also subscribe to automatically like all future brand posts.

Empower sales teams to engage with prospects better with automated email campaigns

Drip Campaign can be used to automate a stream of use case specific emails to customers at stipulated intervals of time. This also allows all conversations assigned to a particular lead to be tracked, which can then be used for reporting.
Empower sales teams to engage with prospects better with


Data visualization just got bigger, better and easier to control

Enjoy greater flexibility and ease-of-use with these latest enhancements in Displays.

Remote Controls For Displays

Control over your displays, in the palm of your hands

Easily manage your displays with remote control capabilities, now available via the mobile app. Navigate with intuivite controls and drill down into insights for a deeper understanding of critical metrics.
Remote Controls For Displays

Multi-Platform Support

Leverage powerful data visualization everywhere you go

Seamlessly transition between your command center, workstation or even your mobile phone to ensure stakeholders have a consistent experience across all channels.
Multi-Platform Support


Improve productivity and ensure more comprehensive insights

Leverage the Salesforce contact center AI integration to bring in Quality Management and Conversational Analytics capabilities within Salesforces. Further, drive greater efficiency with the APRIMO connector enhancement. 

Salesforce Contact Center AI

Seamlessly integrate CCAI solution into Salesforce

Salesforce's Service Cloud lacks built-in Quality Management and Conversational Analytics. With the CCAI integration, you can enhance customer care within the Salesforce platform, optimizing processes and empowering agents for improved service delivery.

Aprimo Connector Enhancement

Improve productivity with streamlined asset management

With the APRIMO connector enhancement enjoy support for- cropping size selection while importing assets and .wav/pdf/.xlsx file asset types. Automate metadata sync and asset updation from APRIMO to Sprinklr when an asset is already imported to Sprinklr.

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