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Discover Sprinklr’s 19.2 Winter '24 Release loaded with innovative AI-powered capabilities that improve team productivity and efficiency, with a focus on usability.

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Upgrade Knowledge Base with generative AI and intelligent search

Sprinklr AI+ powered Article Creation

Scale up and create new articles with ease

Speed up content creation with the power of Generative AI. Overcome creative hurdles, get quick drafts, and optimize language for SEO. Experience the future of effortless article generation with Sprinklr AI+.
Sprinklr AI+ powered Article Creation

Contextual Search and Auto-Scroll

Elevate the customer self-service experience

Sprinklr’s AI-powered search suggests relevant content, with emphasis on actual meaning as well as keywords. With an enhanced highlighting and scrolling experience, provide customers an efficient self-service experience for quick query resolution.
Contextual Search and Auto-Scroll

Drive better experiences with enhancements on LiveChat, WhatsApp Messaging and Guided Worklows



Guided Workflows

Improve LiveChat support with mobile co-browsing

Enable customers to share their screen with agents. Agents can view the screen on their unified desktop and offer assistance dynamically with screen control and full device mode access.

Group 33529232

Enhancements in Voice

IVR Testing and Debug Module

Real-time IVR workflow optimization

Simulate, identify, and troubleshoot errors seamlessly with the new IVR workflow feature. Test and debug in real time, accessing detailed logs and node-level actions effortlessly.
IVR Testing and Debug Module

Comprehensive Inbound Validation Flow

Efficient voice configurations

Automate post-implementation checks for voice configurations. Detect errors effortlessly, view warnings in one place on the UI, and rectify with ease for seamless workflow management.

Advancements in Conversational AI and Community Integrations

Conversational AI+

Advanced Personalised FAQ Bot Creation with Sprinklr

Efficiently craft a personalized FAQ Bot using Sprinklr's RAG-based approach, featuring version control, content priority management, and hallucination prevention guardrails. Enhance testing and refinement with an auto-simulator for optimized performance.
CARE 19.2

Community Integration Connector

Effective integrations on Community

Seamlessly integrate Community with Lyearn and Salesforce. Empower users with effortless sharing of learning material and enhance customer experience by pulling in relevant content from Salesforce.
Group 29331


Easily monitor influencers with Competitive Insights and Benchmarking (will be available in a few weeks as a part of 19.2.1)

The revamped benchmarking account addition workflow allows you to seamlessly set up influencer accounts. You can now add 'Influencer Brands' to your monitoring list, in addition to the existing options for 'My Brand' and 'Competitor Brands'.
Insights 19.2

Summarized insights at your fingertips with Sprinklr AI+

Alerts Summarizer

Consume alerts more efficiently

Get concise and easily digestible summaries of alerts, mitigating information overload. Summarized alerts ensure better actionability, minimal noise, and reduction in time required to derive and consume insights.
Multi Level Drill Down

Drill-Down Summarizer

Reduce time-to-insight

Generate a summary of the entire conversation stream in one click. Drilldown Summarizer 2.0 takes the existing capability to the next level by improving the quality of summary points and ensuring zero spam, consistent formatting and a structured design.
Group 339236

Get expanded source coverage and enhanced podcast analysis

Get additional Australian Web and Print sources, and streamline the process for filtering and analyzing podcast episodes with transcripts.
Insights 19.2 insights

Detect logos on videos across all social channels supported on Visual Insights

Enjoy comprehensive video content evaluation, including the detection of logos, objects, text (via Optical Character Recognition), scenes, activities, and inappropriate content.
Insights 19.2 insights 2


Improve collaboration and marketing efficiency

Sprinklr Marketing’s latest updates bring your teams smoother collaboration, intuitive UX and more ways to improve campaign efficiency and outcomes.

Automated Bid Multiplier

Leverage audience insights to optimize budget usage

Equip your advertising teams to optimize budget usage by prioritizing the right audience segments, with Sprinklr’s Automated Bid Multiplier. With real-time insights on audience parameters, teams can finetune bids and improve campaign outcomes.
Group 33529235

Sharepoint Integration

Foster seamless collaboration and file management

Sprinklr Marketing integrates with OneDrive and SharePoint, allowing users to directly add files or media attachments to their campaigns, sub-campaigns and messages. Drive contextual collaboration without the chaos of managing multiple versions of files.
prompt 1

Campaign UX Improvements

Say hello to a smoother campaign creation experience

Campaign creation in Sprinklr is now a simple two-step process, with improved UI/UX. Tabs in the interface are now aligned to the side and campaign actions are consolidated into a single header, ensuring optimal utilization of screen real estate.
MicrosoftTeams-image (16) 2

Automated QA Checklist

Streamline the QA process for ads with automation

Users can define QA parameters as a checklist within Sprinklr. Every campaign automatically gets checked, speeding up the typically manual QA process, and providing an extra layer of governance. NOTE: This will be partially available with the 19.2 release.
Group 33529234


Boost productivity and gain more control over your social engagement

Sprinklr Social has a range of new features to enhance usability and governance. These include automated image optimization, guided account onboarding, improved gamification for advocacy users, and better delegate management for distributed users.

Account Addition Revamp

Streak Functionality in Advocacy

Delegate Management Improvement

Add new social accounts with ease

Ensure you have all the necessary information while adding new social accounts with channel-specific guidance at every step of the process.

Account Addition Revamp

Automatically optimize images before publishing

Save time and reduce publishing errors by automatically adjusting the post image format and size based on social platform specifications.
Automatically optimize images before publishing


Drive better customer service more efficiently with the CTI Zendesk & MS Dynamics integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) integration innovatively combines call center telephony with a company's essential business applications, streamlining communications.

Sprinklr Voice

Voice on Salesforce

Sprinklr Voice
Access a voice widget in the Agent Workspace for direct customer engagement via voice calls. This includes smart routing based on agent availability and provides functionalities like call hold and mute for efficient case analysis during calls.

After Call Work

Enable agents to take immediate action on cases

After Call Work
Drive real-time case resolution and activity monitoring by enabling agents to take immediate action on cases following customer discussions. The workflow can be customized depending on brand needs.

Smart Assist

AI powered agent assistance

Smart Assist
Incorporate AI-driven features such as Agent Assist and Smart Assist, guiding agents through customer interactions. Agent Assist suggests optimal times for callbacks, while Smart Assist provides guided workflows.

Self-service, improved accessibility and flexibility with revamped Eloqua marketplace app

Get a unified view of user interactions and ensure data consistency and accuracy across platforms.

Integrated User Details

Bi-Directional Field Mapping

Customizable Visibility

Get a unified view of user interactions across platform

Enables management of Eloqua and Sprinklr user details within the app for complete insights and control.

Integrated User Details

Integrate and manage real time communication through Live Chat APIs

Integrate and manage real-time communication through Live Chat APIs. These allow for seamless initiation and continuation of both existing and new chats, real-time retrieval of messages via Webhooks and APIs, and access to sender profile information
Integrate and manage real time communication through  Live Chat APIs


Make it easier to monitor and share granular insights

Learn more about our latest features that will improve your experience with Sprinklr Displays.

Gain more granular insights

Now, effortlessly delve deeper into your data with real-time widget-level drilldowns that are easy to set up. Save time in implementation and reduce time to insights. Improve widget-level data visibility on the command center interface.
Gain more granular insights

Virtual Reporting Mode

Global Quick Filters

New Data Sources

Make it easier to access data

Effortlessly share your command center with stakeholders using the new virtual reporting mode, optimized for on-the-go reporting

Virtual Reporting Mode

Learn about new features to enhance
customer experiences like never before.

Check out Sprinklr CXM University to learn how these features work — and how you can use them to accelerate growth, drive revenue, automate processes, and protect your brand.

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