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Managing brands in a complex, digital-first world demands a unified solution.

63% of a business’ market value is attributable to its brand reputation — but the challenges of managing brands across 30+ digital and social channels can be overwhelming. Some brand managers use up to 16 different solutions, which leads to disjointed messaging and disconnected customer experiences. How can you transform this chaos into control? With the only unified platform for brand management: Sprinklr.


of consumers say seamless experiences across channels and product availability wherever they shop are critical.

More than 90% of the world's top 100 brands trust Sprinklr.

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"Sprinklr enables Havas Media Group to deliver brand-safe, high-performing, and innovative media experiences for our clients. It’s a powerful asset."

Alice Martinier

VP Director, Trading Operations

Why a unified approach to brand management software matters.

75% of millennials’ purchase decisions are influenced by a brand’s social media presence. That makes the ability to deliver a cohesive experience — and drive consistent messaging — across every channel a business-critical necessity.

Ensure your brand is at its best where it matters most.

Customers turn to social channels for discovery and research before they purchase. Ensuring that your products and services always appear in the best possible light — and reinforce your brand’s authenticity — is crucial.

Consistency builds trust. Loyalty. And revenue.

Forrester says customers will use 3+ channels in one interaction with a brand. Presenting a consistent brand image at every touchpoint makes it easier for customers to keep your brand top of mind in key purchase moments.

Protecting your reputation is more important than ever.

86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business with negative online reviews. A unified governance strategy can help brands manage risk and address challenges before they become crises.

Recognizing the challenges brand managers face is just the beginning.

Your team is responsible for building your brand’s reputation across dozens of marketing channels — and protecting it at every turn. But without a unified strategy, that's far easier said than done.

Your customers expect to be understood and treated as an audience of one, no matter where they go online, what they want, or how they engage with each other… and you.

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A unified solution for brand management.

Managing your brand’s presence and protecting its reputation across a constantly evolving digital landscape means overcoming the chaos of siloed point solutions. As the only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, Sprinklr is uniquely positioned to help you:

Discover how Sprinklr can help you grow and protect your brand across 30+ digital channels.

Connect with our experts to discuss how Sprinklr can address your team's unique goals, challenges, and use cases.
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How one of Australia’s largest consumer brands boosted outbound content and engagement by 40% — in just 3 months.

Maximized efficiency by bringing digital marketing in-house.

By aggregating real-time customer data on Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform, Arnott’s was able to bring digital marketing in-house — and use Sprinklr Marketing to streamline workflow and drive sales with highly personalized social campaigns.

Successfully created direct-to-consumers relationships.

With Sprinklr Insights, Arnott’s was able to capture and interpret social data from all channels on a single, unified platform — enabling 3,500 team members to identify trends for business growth and build marketing strategies to capitalize.

Unlocked real-time customer insights across Asia Pacific.

Arnott’s used Sprinklr Social to track consumer interactions and sentiment across 30+ digital channels — then leveraged those insights to launch a new product set that earned 95% positive reviews.

Get the Strategic Handbook on Brand Authenticity

  • Explore 4 ways consumers perceive a brand’s authenticity — and how it influences preferences and choices. 

  • Identify critical challenges that keep many brands from achieving authenticity. 

  • Learn how a unified approach to analyzing the voice of your customers surfaces actionable insights that drive more authentic customer experiences. 

  • Learn how to manage and protect your brand through governance and compliance frameworks.

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How to protect your brand reputation in the social media minefield?

How to protect your brand reputation in the social media minefield?

Vanipriya Moorthi
May 24, 2023

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