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Global technology company transforms customer care with AI-powered OCR bot

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A global electronics company is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology products and services.

Its goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience to anyone who seeks support. But its contact center faces challenges when it comes to booking repairs for its products. Repair bookings are limited to business hours, which can be difficult for customers who need assistance outside of these times. Agents must capture multiple details, like serial and model numbers, from photos that customers provide, which is time-consuming and often prone to mistakes. Additionally, offshore agents often struggle with unfamiliar city names and difficult-to-spell customer names or addresses, further complicating the support experience.   

These agents are trained in resolving complex technical issuse, but they spend approximately 60% of customer call time on data acquisition tasks. This has a big impact on their overall efficiency.


The technology company added Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Sprinklr’s conversational AI platform, allowing it to act as a smart translator for images with text.

When documents like forms or receipts are scanned, computers perceive them as pictures rather than text, making it impossible to edit, search or manipulate the words using standard text editors. However, with OCR, this barrier is overcome, as it functions as a language converter, transforming the image into a text document that computers can comprehend and process while preserving all textual information.  

The Conversation AI bot uses OCR to effectively interpret product labels, purchase invoices and bills of sale. It can extract crucial brand-specific information, such as product models, serial numbers and pertinent details from purchase invoices like purchase dates, vendor names, and shipping and billing addresses. This automated process streamlines data capture and storage, facilitating subsequent workflow automation tasks such as ticket creation by the bot and determination of product warranty status. In addition the OCR bot can also be used to determine fake invoices and decals. 


The implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) through Sprinklr Vision Technology has transformed the company’s customer service operations.  

Leveraging OCR, the AI chatbot adeptly interprets product labels, purchase invoices and bills of sale — swiftly and accurately extracting vital brand-specific information. This automation eliminates manual data entry tasks, saving valuable time for customer service agents and enhancing overall efficiency. By streamlining data capture and storage, OCR empowers the team to focus on delivering exceptional service to customers, ultimately driving satisfaction and loyalty. This improvement in efficiency not only boosts agent happiness but has positively impacted the overall customer experience.   

Since implementing the OCR bot, customer satisfaction has improved by 43%. Happy agents, delighted customers.