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Autopass elevates the customer experience, cuts case resolution time by 97%

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The Challenge

Autopass is a leading provider of transportation technology solutions in Brazil.

It has issued more than 13 million public transit cards in the country and manages more than 4.5 million daily transactions in the metropolitan area of São Paulo.  

With millions of passengers in the Greater São Paulo who depend on its transportation services — including the app, QR codes, cards, top-up machines and financial services — Autopass must maintain a robust and proactive social media strategy. Any operational mishap can quickly become headline news, potentially impacting the brand, passengers and customer experience. It’s important that the company stays abreast of online conversations across all social channels and responds quickly to customer questions or concerns. Autopass needs a technology solution that enables its lean social media team to proactively monitor social conversations and promptly respond to customer inquiries. 

“We cannot miss any mention of the company or our product on social media, and we always need to be available to solve our customers’ problems in real time,” explains Customer Experience Supervisor Heloísa Magalhães. 

The Solution

Seeking a more collaborative and agile approach to customer experience management, Autopass turned to Sprinklr to forge a tighter connection with its customers.

With Sprinklr, we are able to focus on what really matters: bringing empathy and connection to our customers." 

Headshot Helo
Heloísa Magalhães,
Customer Experience Supervisor
, Autopass

"We had two different teams and two different tools,” says Magalhães. “We partnered with Sprinklr to unify our teams and tools onto a single platform."  

Unified customer service hub for social care 
When Autopass launched Sprinklr, a unified command center for customer service emerged. Social Care from Sprinklr Service enables them to consolidate all customer interactions — across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Play Store  — onto one unified platform and to handle upwards of 30,000 customer services cases per month.  

“The social network-like layout makes it easier for our teams to look at the entire conversation between Autopass and our customers, so we can understand the contexts based on the available history,” says Magalhães
Now, the social media team has a single, comprehensive view of customer cases and the ability to seamlessly switch between channels, offering consistent support. AI-powered canned responses help the social media team respond to customers quickly and nimbly, providing consistent answers to common customer questions. 

Proactive crisis management 
Despite the vast majority of Autopass’s millions of daily users enjoying a smooth experience, occasional customer feedback on social media can influence public perception. Sprinklr Insights has, in a way, become Autopass's early warning system: it allows them to actively monitor social media mentions and news for potential trouble spots and automatically generate customer service cases. This helps the Autopass team to take a proactive approach to identifying and resolving customer complaints, nipping potential crises in the bud. 

Prior to implementing Sprinklr Insights, the company relied on a manual, time-consuming process to convert social media mentions into customer service cases. Each ticket took an average of four hours to create, resulting to prolonged resolution times for customers. Sprinklr Insights has streamlined the conversion of social media mentions into tickets. This reduces case resolution times, ensuring swift and effective communication that contributes to an overall positive customer experience.  

Interacting on ‘dark posts’ 
Paid Media Reporting from Sprinklr Marketing provides the marketing team with visibility into comments on dark posts, which are social ads that do not appear on Autopass’s social timelines. It also enables the social team to interact with those posts, so that they can maintain a proactive and responsive presence across all social touchpoints, including ads, ensuring that every audience member feels acknowledged and valued. This integrated approach empowers the Autpoass team to actively shape and optimize the brand's online interactions, ultimately contributing to a more robust and strategic social media marketing strategy. 

The Outcome

Autopass has transformed its social care operation with Sprinklr’s AI-powered solution.

The company’s social media team can now track important online conversations that impact both the brand and the customer experience — and they’re empowered to quickly respond to and solve customer questions and concerns. Today, Autopass enjoys: 

Significant cost savings: By optimizing workflows and consolidating tools, Autopass achieved a 14% reduction in operational costs, freeing up resources for further investment in customer service excellence.  

More efficient customer support: Customers no longer face a four-hour bottleneck, thanks to automatic ticket creation, leading to faster resolutions and improved efficiency. The average resolution time for customer inquiries plummeted from 24 hours to 45 minutes.   

Strict SLA compliance: With Sprinklr, Autopass achieved 99.5% compliance with its service level agreements, ensuring almost all customer tickets were resolved within the promised timeframe.