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How Cdiscount uses Sprinklr Service to analyze customer support interactions at scale and improve the customer experience

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Cdiscount is a leading French e-commerce company with more than 10 million customers per year, over 13,000 sellers, nearly 100 million products, and an ecosystem of industrial partners and startups.

With such a huge number of buyers, sellers, and transactions, Cdiscount has a high volume of inbound customer inquiries: nearly four million calls per year, 300,000 conversations on social channels, and millions of messages between customers and sellers in the marketplace.

Recently, Cdiscount embarked on a journey to enhance its customer experience. First, it wanted to better understand how customers actually experience the brand — how they feel when engaging with the platform and with customer support agents and what generates feelings of satisfaction. But high contact volume and varied communication channels made traditional analysis methods difficult. Cdiscount teams had been reviewing some of these conversations manually, but they had no ability to analyze consumer sentiment, at scale.

The company sought an omnichannel customer support solution that would enable it to:

  • Analyze 100% of customer support conversations
  • Understand customer sentiment and unsolicited feedback in real time, in addition to surveys and NPS
  • Measure the quality of customer interactions in order to adjust and improve agent training


Cdiscount implemented Sprinklr Service in order to enable a fundamental transformation of customer relations. The company now analyzes omnichannel customer interactions, at scale, and takes action on those insights in order to improve the quality of its relationships with customers and the overall customer experience.

We want our customers to feel heard and supported. Sprinklr provides us with a unique platform that allows us to improve each customer experience while giving our agents the opportunity to become top performers. Our vision is to integrate 100% of our contact channels into the Sprinklr platform by integrating contact forms, social networks, messaging and chat, and industrialize the integration of Sprinklr into our quality and training processes.”

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Louis Brun-Ney,
Director of Customer Service
, Cdiscount

Powered by Sprinklr AI, speech and text analytics allow the company to transcribe and analyze voice, chat and social interactions. With detailed analyses of conversations, Cdiscount teams have insight into important themes and trends in order to make improvements to how they engage with and support their customers.

  • Sprinklr AI detects language elements that define conversation themes — such as delivery issues, refunds, and subscription questions.
  • Teams can then pull and share out reports that show critical trends in customer support conversations and discern what generates satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • Cdiscount then uses these real-time insights to continuously improve upon the support it provides to customers, setting up training and development plans for agents where needed.
  • Cdiscount has set up alerts to inform management when sensitive interactions are detected, so that they can take appropriate action to avoid potential harm to the brand.

With Sprinklr AI, Cdiscount teams are also able to automatically and effectively detect bugs and anomalies in their processes and tools. Earlier this year, for example, they detected an abnormal increase in customer conversations related to payment and were able to identify a payment bug that affected 12,000 customers. An error that previously might have taken days to resolve was identified and fixed in just a few hours.


Within months of launching Sprinklr Service, Cdiscount began analyzing 100% of voice calls — or more than two million customer support calls comprising more than 200,000 hours worth of calls — and more than 75,000 conversations.

Agents now receive a quality score for each interaction, and all interactions receive a CSAT score, which has increased by 15 percent since launch. Cdiscount’s Director of Customer Service Louis Brun-Ney says the company has significantly increased the quality of agent-customer interactions.

“Sprinklr provides us with a unique platform that allows us to improve each customer experience while giving our agents the opportunity to become top performers,” says Brun-Ney. Brun-Ney’s vision is to integrate 100% of the company’s contact channels into the Sprinklr platform, including contact forms, social networks, messaging, and chat in order to leverage insights that help to improve agent training.