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Global gaming and entertainment company cuts costs and boosts productivity


20 minutes

saved per person per day by optimizing campaigns

10 minutes

saved per person per day with unified reporting


boost in spend volume with automated rules


The digital arm of one of the world's leading online gaming and entertainment providers needed a technology solution to manage paid ad campaigns that target millions of players all over the world. It had been using a channel-specific social advertising tool that forced them to rely on manual processes and siloed reporting. It facilitated campaigns on X, formerly Twitter and Facebook, but all other campaigns had to be managed natively. Reporting was done manually by combining internal player data with exported data from the tool. 

The company wanted a solution with automated campaign workflows and reporting, so that teams could collaborate seamlessly and easily measure campaign performance.


While the team was simply looking for an alternative ad management tool, Sprinklr Marketing solved for larger challenges they had scaling workflows and collaboration.

The company’s marketing team immediately benefitted from having all its team members working from Sprinklr’s AI-powered unified content marketing platform. As a campaign manager explained, “We now have multiple users working on multiple platforms — including Snapchat, Reddit, and Meta — across multiple brands. Having a combined workspace has been a massive timesaver in everyday optimization.” The team now uses standardized workflows, allowing them to launch campaigns faster and manage them efficiently from a universal dashboard.


Automated workflows and processes combined with ease of collaboration enable the team to advertise more strategically. Eliminating manual intervention where possible and ensuring everyone has access to the same data reported in the same way means less time is spent on rote tasks and more time is spent analyzing and optimizing campaign performance. Since implementing Sprinklr, the team estimates it saves up to 20 minutes a day per person when it comes to optimizing campaigns and at least 10 minutes a day per person with unified reporting. With a clear view into campaign performance, they use automated rules to boost ad spend by 10 percent during high-performing periods, like weekends.


Digital arm of leading global entertainment provider



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