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Deliver enterprise-grade customer service with ease and delight your customers

Sprinklr Service Self-Serve is a disruptive, out-of-the-box solution that helps you provide support and customer service on 15+ channels.

Boost productivity with the most comprehensive customer service solution

Simple to try

Easy to try

Ready to use out of the box

Simple to setup

Quick setup

Get it up and running in 10 mins

Simple to use

Easy to use

User-friendly interface

Simple to love


Starts at $199/user/month

Transform customer service with a unified AI-first platform

Be where your customers are

Deliver support on channels that your customers use the most, including social, voice, chat and email — all from a single unified platform.

Be where customers are

Make data-backed business decisions

Gain timely actionable insights using out-of-the-box reports and dive deep into ticket analysis, team performance and CSAT. Use Sprinklr AI to identify top contact drivers.

Data backed decisions

Leverage AI to improve efficiency

Boost agent productivity with AI-powered capabilities, right from triaging incoming messages to issue identification, forecasting and real-time agent assistance.

Leverage AI

Integrate with your existing solutions

Get a complete overview of customers by integrating Sprinklr with all the popular sales, marketing and automation tools.


Deliver consistent support across 15+ channels

Be where your customers are

Get support on new channels up and running quickly. Empower agents to provide seamless experiences, even when customers switch channels.

Rapid Channel Expansion

Simplify agent tasks by using automation

Empower your teams to deliver quick and consistent customer experiences by using automation capabilities, such as case routing and automated ticket queues.


Quicky pair agents with cases they are best suited for

Set up users, agents and teams quickly, and match them with the right customer requests, based on their skills and experience, for faster resolution.


Empower your agents to be more productive

Get a 360-degree view of your customer

Empower your agents with rich customer data, such as case details and CRM information, to improve customer experience.


Equip agents to deliver timely responses

Provide agents with a library of canned responses to frequently asked questions so they can attend to customers faster.

Canned Responses

Give agents a single view of all customer interactions

With a unified console, your agents can surface relevant case information and response assistance without switching between multiple screens.

Unified Agent Console

Enable your customers to help themselves

Deflect queries to self-serve tools efficiently

Route your customers to self-serve tools, such as chatbots and knowledge bases, so they can seek resolutions quickly rather than waiting on hold to talk to an agent.


Leverage omnichannel chatbots to solve routine queries

With AI-powered chatbots, you can be available 24/7 on all platforms and resolve common queries without adding to your agents’ caseloads.


Troubleshoot through an SEO-optimized knowledge base

Deliver quick answers to frequently asked questions through a comprehensive, SEO-optimized knowledge base that also integrates with your chatbots.

Introducing Digital Twin on Sprinklr Service Self-Serve

Redefine your approach to customer self-service by deploying smart Gen AI-powered assistants to resolve customer queries and assist your care agents. Do you want to know how Digital Twin can boost your customer satisfaction and agent productivity?

Introducing Digital Twin on Sprinklr Service Self-Serve - Image

Does your customer service team need more?

Sprinklr’s Enterprise offering can help brands looking to manage complex customer service needs across multiple channels, geographies and business units.

Channel-less experience

Deliver support to customers across 30+ digital and social channels, including voice, to drive a unified customer service experience.


Industry-leading AI

Deploy unified AI models tailored to specific industries, and effortlessly scale them across use cases, channels and functions to enhance contact center productivity.


Revenue-driven contact center

Transform the voice-led, cost-oriented contact center into an efficient, AI-powered, omnichannel revenue center by unifying it with sales and marketing.