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AI-powered Social Media Management Solution

Managing social is now powerfully simple

Built-in Social Listening, Generative AI and an all-new user-friendly interface — Sprinklr Social Self-Serve has everything you want from a social media management solution at a price you will love.
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Boost productivity with the most comprehensive Social Media Management Solution

Simple to try

Simple to try

Ready to use out of the box

Simple to setup

Simple to set up

Get it up and running in 10 mins

Simple to use

Simple to use

User-friendly interface 

Simple to love

Simple to love

Just $299/month per user

Plan and organize your content effortlessly

Leverage a powerfully simple Editorial Calendar and Asset Manager to strengthen your social campaigns with the Sprinklr Social Self-Serve.

Publish and collaborate flawlessly

View every social post, campaign and event across 6+ platforms in one unified dashboard. Seamlessly collaborate with your teams in multiple time zones.

Editorial Calendar

Manage creative assets easily

Go beyond just organizing your content assets. Now seek approvals, leverage version control and view performance insights across photos, videos, text and GIFs.

Asset Manager image

Create a workspace you love

Set custom views within your social calendar and content library. Organize by campaigns, users and associated tasks.


Publish across major social channels with one click

Manage all your social campaigns on one platform with Sprinklr Social Self-Serve. Create, schedule and publish posts on your chosen channels at the best time.

Omnichannel Publishing

Publish on multiple channels seamlessly

Preview, edit and publish social posts on multiple channels in accordance with posting guidelines.


Smart Scheduling

Publish when customers are online 

Auto-schedule posts to publish at the best time possible with Sprinklr AI and maximize your content's reach and engagement.


AI-Assisted Content

Generate limitless content ideas instantly 

Let OpenAI’s GPT instantly generate ideas for your social posts while you decide the brief, tone and audience.


Approval Workflows

Stay on brand. Always. 

Easily set up multi-level publishing approval to ensure your content is always brand compliant — even when engaging with your customers. 

10+ social platforms. ONE unified inbox.

With the Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, you can manage all your interactions in one place and automate routine tasks to respond to your audience faster than ever before.

Unified Inbox

Engage with customers on multiple channels

Interact with your customers' posts, mentions, comments and respond to DMs on 10+ channels from one unified dashboard.

AI-powered Sentiment Analysis

Understand your customers’ needs 

Categorize every incoming message by intent and sentiment automatically. Truly understand your customers and help them in the best way possible.

AI-assisted Responses

Personalize each customer interaction 

Create personalized, compliant responses with Generative AI to make every customer feel important. Easily maintain quality with AI-powered grammar checks and approval workflows.

Profile History

Remember every customer interaction 

Access all past interactions with each customer across multiple touchpoints and ensure that they never have to repeat their queries.

Understand customer expectations to make them happier

Sprinklr Social Self-Serve helps you uncover your customer sentiment in real time to truly understand how they feel.

Turn unstructured data into insights

Listen to thousands of online conversations in real time and uncover actionable insights about your brand, customers, industry and more.

Topic Based lIstening

Monitor the world in real time

Know what's trending across the globe as it happens and analyze those trends based on brand, country, topic and severity.

AI-Powered insights

Beat competitors at their own game

Unlock detailed benchmarking reports to easily compare your performance against your competitors' engagement, fan sentiment, following and more.

Competitor Benchmarking

Access high quality reports to create a powerful social media strategy

With the Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, analyze your organic and paid performance against leading competitors on 10+ social channels — all on one unified platform.

Measure organic social performance

Monitor the performance of your organic social posts across multiple channels. Get real-time insights on post engagement, audience demographics and more.

Organic reporting

Measure paid social campaigns

Unlock insights on your paid campaigns across popular social channels by simply connecting your ad accounts in Sprinklr.

Paid Reporting

Measure customer interactions

Monitor how quickly you respond to your customers and how they feel about each interaction while keeping tabs on your team’s performance.

Inbox and task reporting

Scale your social media efforts with confidence

Sprinklr Social Self-Serve enables your team to leverage Sprinklr AI, Generative AI and enterprise-grade governance to create campaigns that perform across multiple social channels.

Boost Productivity using AI

Sprinklr AI+ unifies the power of Sprinklr AI and the best Generative AI technologies to maximize your social media team efficiency. You can quickly generate and modify content, schedule posts and analyze customer sentiment.

Sprinklr AI+

Approval Workflows

Set approval workflows within the asset manager, editorial calendar, publisher and unified inbox to ensure your content is always on-brand.


Explore everything that is included with Sprinklr Social Self-Serve

Omnichannel Publisher

Schedule and publish content across 6+ major social channels efficiently from a unified platform.


Get a consolidated view of your social posts, events and campaigns and stay in control of your schedule.

Asset Manager

Create, organize and distribute all digital assets from one place effortlessly.

Social Listening

Use integrated social listening to uncover crucial insights and create a customer-first social strategy.

Smart Inbox

Monitor and manage all your customer conversations from a single inbox.


Measure your performance across 10+ social channels and unlock actionable insights to create a performance-driven strategy.

Does your social media team need more?

Learn how Sprinklr’s Enterprise offering can help brands looking to manage complex social needs across multiple teams, geographies and business units.

Social media management on 30+ channels with the flexibility to add new channels quickly.


Enterprise-grade governance with 10x more granular roles and permissions and highly configurable workflows.


Advanced analytics with 5x more metrics and limitless customization to ensure you get the insights you need.


In-depth capabilities across other Sprinklr products for a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM).