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European retail company creates best-in-class customer experience and saves 100 hours a month

Retail Company

The Challenge

A retail company with locations across Europe is committed to enhancing and expanding its relationships with millions of customers who engage both in-store and online.

To achieve this goal, the company has made significant investments in AI-powered technology aimed at delivering more efficient and personalized customer service experiences across digital channels. In pursuit of this objective, the company sought a comprehensive customer experience platform capable of seamlessly translating the in-store service experience into its online presence. The company aimed to find a solution that would enable it to:

  • Unify publishing, engagement, campaign analysis and social customer service onto one platform for cohesive campaigns and understanding customer feedback.
  • Facilitate customer service interactions across multiple social media platforms
  • Implement chatbots to manage routine queries and free up time for agents to focus on complex inquiries, cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The Solution

The company implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, launching Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, and Sprinklr Insights.

By harnessing AI-driven conversational commerce and social media management capabilities, the company aimed to elevate the shopping experience for its customers while simultaneously optimizing internal operations. This transformative initiative sought to streamline customer service interactions, drive cost efficiencies, and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Here's how it unfolded: 

  • Time saved. With Sprinklr Service, the company can facilitate customer service interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Chatbots manage routine queries — and route more complex issues to live agents.  
  • Costs reduced. Sprinklr’s AI-powered chatbots free up time for agents to focus on complex inquiries as well as cross-sell and upsell opportunities.  
  • Customer experience enhanced. Sprinklr enables the company to replicate online the same service that customers receive in-store. Consolidating publishing, engagement, campaign analysis and social customer service onto one platform makes it easy for the team to coordinate cohesive campaigns and understand customer feedback.

The Outcome

Within months of implementing Sprinklr, the company has transformed the omnichannel shopping journey, seamlessly integrating AI functionalities into its customer engagement strategy.

This agile shift led to a substantial enhancement in brand interactions, facilitating prompt and effective responses to routine queries while empowering agents to provide personalized support to individual customers. By leveraging chatbots, the company successfully streamlined its operations, resulting in a significant saving of 864 hours for its dedicated customer service team within just eight months.