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How HP partnered with Sprinklr to optimize its “Get Real” campaign

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In 1939, within the confines of a single car garage, Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded what would become one of the world’s leading technology companies. They develop PCs, printers, software, 3D printing solutions, and more. 

HP, as Hewlett-Packard is now known, launched an innovative “Get Real” marketing campaign that ran commercials during the 2019 World Series and throughout digital placements.

Intended to promote HP’s printing business and show how the products give users a way to make “amazing things for your real world, not just your digital one” — the ad highlights ways we may all be becoming overly absorbed with digital devices. It concludes by asking if we’ve “lost touch with what’s real” and a call to action: “Let’s get it back. Get real.” 

According to Stef Brower, HP Global Social Media Manager, the HP marketing team knew the campaign had the potential to be controversial. 

“Our goal was to just get people talking about whether they were uncomfortable with how much they use their phone,” Brower said. “It was a little bit risky, especially coming from a tech brand, so we really wanted visibility into the conversation that was going to be happening.” 

Since their content was more provocative, Brower needed to be able to regularly monitor campaign performance so they had the agility to make shifts and changes as the campaign progressed.  

HP needed a solution that offered:

  • The ability to regularly monitor social media reactions to their “Get Real” campaign from one central location so they could quickly adapt and change in real time if needed.

  • Increased access to readily available quantitative and qualitative data, leading to better-informed decisions.

  • Paid, owned, and earned media in one centralized location.


With Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, the HP team was able to regularly monitor campaign performance and drill down into details to get both quantitative and qualitative data that helped them stay agile and make changes. 

Social insights in real time

By using the centralized platform, the HP team was now able to look beyond high-level numbers and drill down into details to see the exact types of comments their posts were receiving. “The whole goal was to set this up so that we could change and react on the fly,” Brower said. 

An agile approach with daily pulse checks

“We had twice-a-day pulse checks, with a 15-minute huddle in the morning with the core team, and then 15 minutes in the afternoon to see if anything had changed or jumped after eight hours,” Brower said. “The Sprinklr tool was central to the pulse check.” Based on what Brower’s team was seeing in the dashboard, they were able to adapt, respond and make changes more effectively. For example, the team retargeted certain social media users, providing them with additional information about HP products and services they may not have been aware of based on their reaction to the ad. Also, based on the information they were reviewing in Sprinklr, the team was able to adjust demographic information on Twitter and Facebook to better connect with more receptive audiences.

“What I think was unique about Sprinklr was that it gave us not only the quantitative dashboard, where we could pull it up and see performance numbers, but we could quickly pulse-check comments that were coming in. We were able to see the comments, whether they were on our paid content or the organic content going out through our editorial calendar. It also let us see where commentary was coming from. It was very transparent.”

Stef Brower
Global Social Media Manager


Paid, owned, and earned media in one place

For the first time in a social media campaign, HP had visibility into comments on dark posts — paid social posts that appear in news feeds of target audience members. In the past, HP’s media agencies launched their paid social media campaigns and had to provide direct URLs to each paid social post in order for HP to see the comments. With Sprinklr, HP could see comments on paid, owned, and earned assets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube as well as across the broader digital ecosystem, which includes forums, blogs, and news articles. 

Responding to customers more effectively 

With Sprinklr, the team was able to run the “Get Real” campaign more effectively, save time, and work more efficiently. 

One of the biggest benefits of using Sprinklr was the ability to see the broad range of reactions people were having to the campaign’s messaging. “What we initially thought was engagement turned out to be negative sentiment. We were able to recognize that through Sprinklr, and then optimize our media plan based on that, as well as optimize some of the content that was placed on certain platforms,” said Gene Paek, HP’s Global Head of Digital Experience and Innovation. 

Paek said he believed that Sprinklr had helped HP take their social campaigns to a new level. “Sprinklr allowed us to uplevel our approach to social media marketing. We leveraged Sprinklr to go from social listening to a tool for social intelligence,” he said.





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