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How Mobily innovates to provide customer-centric care across social channels

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Mobily is one of the largest wireless networks in Saudi Arabia. The telecommunications company aims to be easily accessible to its more than one million subscribers and to respond quickly to customer inquiries — no matter which channel they choose to reach out on.

“In addition to telecom services, we also provide data center services and cloud services for our partners, as well as for the business and government sectors,” explains Mubarak Alharbi, digital experience general manager at Mobily.

Alharbi manages the digital experience department at Mobily, which includes Mobily apps and portals, its self-service kiosk, contact centers, interactive voice response (IVR), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), and social channels, including WhatsApp, X, formerly Twitter, and Facebook.

“Our goal now is to extend customer engagement and to provide our services on social channels, so we can serve the customer on their favorite channels,” he says.

To provide subscribers with great customer service online, the team at Mobily recognized the need for a unified customer care solution that could help them:

  • Move customer service conversations from traditional to social channels, including chatbots

  • Respond faster to customers by assigning cases to the right agents, based on agent skill and capacity

  • Consolidate reporting across all channels

  • Maintain seamless customer experiences by assigning returning customers to a previously engaged agent

  • Empower community managers to focus on complex issues by automating manual actions


Prior to using Sprinklr, the team at Mobily manually managed customer engagements on a few standard social media channels — in Saudi Arabia, X, formerly Twitter and WhatsApp are the most popular — without any automation or integrations into internal systems. They knew they needed a single, unified solution that would let agents communicate with customers across the many different social channels from a centralized dashboard.

Today, Mobily uses Sprinklr’s unified Sprinklr Service solution to provide fast, customer-centric, omnichannel service across 25 social and messaging platforms — treating them as parts of a single, seamless customer experience. The Mobily team also uses Sprinklr’s social listening capabilities, part of Sprinklr Insights, to analyze customer conversations and provide proactive care.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and stores began to close or operate with limited hours, an influx of customers turned to Mobily’s social channels with questions. Response times for agents became high, and the team needed to find a solution to help customers find answers and resolve their issues more quickly.

Alharbi realized they needed to innovate. He worked with the team at Sprinklr to unify the platform with the rest of Mobily’s technology ecosystem, and the teams partnered to add automation into the mix — so that agents don’t have to search for a script and manually reply to every message. AI-powered Smart Responses provides agents with suggested responses in English and Arabic, which they can use directly or edit. This saves the agent time and gets customers their answers more quickly.

“We use the Sprinklr platform to pull together all of the conversations happening across our different social channels into our Conversational AI platform, so we can provide the chatbot service across X, formerly Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Instagram, and more,” Alharbi explains. “This is the beauty behind Sprinklr — we can reach our customers wherever they want.”

The chatbot helps to shorten agent response time, allowing customers to choose self-service options from the chat by suggesting relevant actions like paying a bill, inquiring about an account balance, or changing their service package. For more complex inquiries, customers are routed to a live agent, who can see the history of the conversation between the customer and the chatbot before they get started. This enables a seamless customer experience, whether they are assisted by the chatbot or a live agent.

We use the Sprinklr platform to pull together all of the conversations happening across our different social channels into our Conversational AI platform, so we can provide the chatbot service across X, formerly Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Instagram, and more. This is the beauty behind Sprinklr — we can reach our customers wherever they want.

Mubarak Alharbi
Digital Experience General Manager


Using Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, Mobily optimized customer service by responding to cases using online channels instead of traditional offline channels. Mobily easily manages more than 20 accounts through Sprinklr. And since enabling its chatbot across the many social channels aggregated by Sprinklr, it has seen a 99.6% improvement in first-response time.

“Before we enabled the chatbot as part of our ecosystem, our average first-response time was 20 minutes. After we enabled the chatbot for all these channels, the response time became six seconds.”

Additionally, Sprinklr’s Smart Responses capability has improved average case processing time by 68%, from three minutes 55 seconds to one minute 16 seconds.

Mobily has shifted its focus from response time to customer satisfaction. “It’s good that we replied quickly,” Alharbi says. “But is the customer satisfied or not? Currently, we send the customer a link to share their feedback once their conversation with the chatbot has ended. Based on the customer feedback, we are improving ourselves and our services.”

Looking ahead, Alharbi wants to use Sprinklr to analyze customer sentiment from within the conversation itself. “This way, even if the customers don’t fill out the survey, we’ll know if they are satisfied based on the tone of the conversation, and also based on whether they engage with self-services. All of these aspects are part of customer satisfaction.”





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