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Multinational electronics corporation increases customer satisfaction by four points with AI

Multinational Electronics Corporation (North America)
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The Challenge

A multinational electronics corporation is devoted to creating superior technology products and services that contribute to a better global society. The company’s digital transformation technology strategy lead says it’s his goal to provide a superior customer experience to all those who contact the company for support. To achieve this, he has to ensure that customer service agents are well-supported to provide top-notch service. But providing this level of service is no easy feat for a company with such a broad range of technical products.

“We are supporting products as varied as the cell phone that you use every day, the accessories that you use with that cell phone, all the way up to your refrigerator, your washer, your dryer, your TV, and the hard drive that’s in your computer,” explains the tech strategy lead. “It can be very complicated to build successful customer support strategies.”

It can be harder, still, to improve upon those strategies, especially when you’re already operating a best-in-class SMS support channel. But the tech strategy lead suspected the company could further enhance the speed and quality of its support — and do so across more digital channels. He also wanted to find a solution where insights from customer interactions could not only improve the company’s customer service but also help to fine-tune agent training and, ultimately, enhance the products themselves.

The electronics corporation wanted a unified solution that would help it to:

  • Further elevate the customer experience by reducing live agent effort using AI-based intent recognition and experience routing
  • Enhance the customer service agent’s experience, using AI to provide suggested answers and relevant content
  • Streamline agent training and customer support operations by surfacing AI-powered insights

The Solution

The electronics corporation implemented Sprinklr’s Sprinklr Service product suite. Now, every digital conversation that an agent handles is powered by the most advanced AI engine in the industry. With Sprinklr AI, the company maximizes its customer service agents’ ability to handle fluctuating caseloads by helping customers get the right support at the right time. This leads to faster resolution, reduced time-per-interaction, and higher customer satisfaction.

We’re one of the biggest, most recognized brands in the world. When you come to us through our digital channels, we want it to feel that way. And I believe Sprinklr’s AI platform is going to allow us to build that experience out and make it feel that way everywhere.”

Digital Transformation, Technology Strategy and Innovation Lead
, Multinational Electronics Corporation

Smart Pairing leads to higher customer satisfaction

The tech strategy lead says he has seen the greatest impact with Smart Pairing, which automatically identifies customer intent in incoming messages, then routes those customers to the highest-rated, available agent with the right combination of skills to assist them.

“We see a lot of success with this, especially during high-contact periods,” he says. “Those customers are providing feedback that their level of satisfaction is much higher than those who are going through the standard, first-in-first-out routing process.”

The company has also begun to leverage Sprinklr for qualitative analysis of those agent conversations in order to gain performance insights and share those with the internal operations team.

“It’s helpful for them to know which types of intents agents are struggling with, so that they can refine the coaching and training process,” explains the tech strategy lead. If an agent is struggling with troubleshooting for a specific product, he says, the training organization can pull together a focused training module for that issue and product line, so that the agent is better able to assist future customers.

Smart assist features empower agents and enable quicker case resolution

The electronics company also uses Sprinklr’s AI Agent Assist features, like Smart Comprehend and Similar Cases, to further enhance the speed and quality of customer support by empowering agents to solve more problems on their own. Smart Comprehend puts relevant knowledge base articles at the agents’ fingertips – reducing handle time by surfacing the most relevant articles, based on the context of customer conversations. Agents click on the suggested article to copy-paste it into their communication with the customer. They also use Similar Cases, which matches current cases with resolved ones in the database, then surfaces insights from those similar, past cases to help agents deliver resolutions. Both of these features cut down on response times and maximize agent productivity.

The company has also begun to execute a focused bot approach in its highest-performing customer support channel: SMS. The goal is to provide consumers with commonly-requested information as part of the prefatory conversation before they’re connected with live agents. “We want to provide them with the information they need up front, so that the agent isn’t spending as much time providing this repeated information over and over,” explains the tech strategy lead. Sometimes the bot is able to address all of a customer’s concerns, while other times it answers their initial questions before passing them off to a live agent. Previous AI solutions struggled to understand a customer’s true purpose for contacting support, he says, but Sprinklr’s solution is able to discern the customer’s ultimate intent as they engage with the bot.

“Since we’ve brought Sprinklr on board, we’ve increased our SMS conversations by 300-400%, so this channel is even more important to us than it was when we started,” he says.

The Outcome

The electronics company has seen positive results with Sprinklr Service on every major indicator. Since implementation, intent-based routing and Smart Pairing has led to a 15-point increase in NPS score and a four-point increase in the company’s CSAT score. Agents appreciate the AI features as well, agreeing that 70% of Smart Comprehend and Similar Case suggestions are helpful.

While the tech strategy lead was, at first, hesitant to make any adjustments to the company's high-performing SMS channel, the success he’s had with Sprinklr AI automations has given him the confidence to move forward.

“We’re one of the biggest, most recognized brands in the world,” he says. “When you come to us through our digital channels, we want it to feel that way. And I believe Sprinklr’s AI platform is going to allow us to build that experience out and make it feel that way everywhere.”

Next, he wants to leverage advanced functionality within Sprinklr to share real time insights gleaned from agent-customer interactions with the quality organizations responsible for the products.

“We have a powerful platform that can provide valuable information from our direct conversations with customers,” he says. With a major product launch, for example, contact volumes can increase as much as 100%. If there is an overwhelming need for support on a particular feature, getting that information from within the contact center organization back to the teams responsible for the product’s quality could lead to a bug fix or additional training for agents — both of which provide a positive impact on customer experience.

“We want to bridge the gap and share valuable information with different organizations,” he says. “This is going to make the difference for us in the future.”