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How Norse launched an omnichannel customer service solution in minutes using Sprinklr Service

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The Challenge

Norse Atlantic Airways was looking for a scalable customer support solution that would enable it to keep costs down while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The new airline that offers affordable fares on long-haul flights, primarily between Europe and the United States. As a low-cost carrier in the hyper-competitive travel and hospitality industry, efficiency is the name of the game for Norse: it’s focused on keeping costs down while delivering an exceptional customer experience and enabling more people to travel.

“As a startup, we need to deliver in all areas of the business within tight timelines and with
limited resources,” explains Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Hodges.

Ahead of the airline’s May 2022 launch, Hodges was looking for a cost-efficient, scalable customer support solution that:

  • Enables true omnichannel customer support, allowing customers to engage with support services before, during, and after their flights on channels like social, email, and voice
  • Provides fast time-to-value by being quick to set up and intuitive to use
  • Integrates seamlessly with Norse’s digital marketing solution

The Solution

Norse implemented Sprinklr Service Self-Serve, a powerful, lightweight, customer support solution that takes 10 minutes to set up and is so intuitive to use that it requires virtually zero training or onboarding for agents.

What attracted us to the Sprinklr Service Self-Serve solution is that we would have one single tool that would allow us to receive messages from, and engage with, customers. That on whichever contact channel is right for our customers, we would be able to take those messages and respond to them quickly and, more importantly, efficiently.

Andrew Hodges,
Chief Commercial Officer
, Norse Atlantic Airways

It allows the customer support team to respond quickly to customer queries from a common, unified inbox — regardless of the channel through which the customer has contacted Norse.

“What attracted us to the Sprinklr Service solution is that we would have one single tool that would allow us to receive messages from, and engage with, customers,” says Hodges. “That on whichever contact channel is right for our customers, we would be able to take those messages and respond to them quickly and, really importantly, efficiently.”

Hodge’s goal is that most customer inquiries are handled in self-service — using the built-in knowledge base — and through digital messaging, reserving voice for more complex cases. Agents also have access to knowledge base and are supported by canned responses, which provide them with one-click, templated responses to common questions, saving them time by eliminating the need to compose replies from scratch.

Norse is using Sprinklr Service in conjunction with Sprinklr’s Social Listening and Social Publishing & Engagement solutions. This enables customer support, marketing, and communications teams to easily collaborate and share insights, helping to create an end-to-end, unified customer experience for Norse flyers.

“We always say that Norse is a people company — we take care of our customers,” says Hodges. “It was incredibly important to us to choose a technology partner that could help us deliver quality customer care and make it easy for us to manage social media customer service and marketing on one, unified platform.”

With proactive listening capabilities, Hodges says, he and his colleagues have a holistic view not only of what customers are saying to Norse, but of what customers are saying about Norse. This enables him and his colleagues to build a customer services strategy on the back of real-time insights extracted from social channels where customers are talking about the brand.

The Outcome

Norse streamlined customer support operations by deploying an advanced solution in under 10 minutes.

With Sprinklr Service Self-Serve powering its customer care operations, Norse was able to create a streamlined process and support workflow by:

  • Deploying an advanced customer support solution in under 10 minutes across all its primary customer contact channels.
  • Enabling agents to view tickets from all channels (social and email) on a unified console.
  • Empowering customers and agents with a reliable self-service channel via an SEO-friendly knowledge base in order to more quickly resolve queries.
  • Gaining comprehensive customer insights with unified data from three Sprinklr solutions - Sprinklr Service, Proactive Listening (from Sprinklr Insights), and Social Publishing & Engagement (from Sprinklr Social)

Best of all, Hodges says, Sprinklr Service Self-Serve requires very little onboarding for agents.

“A testament to how easy the tool is to use is that even I was able to have the tool, access it through the web, and pretty much just start using it, as though I was a pro user,” he said. “It was very easy and very intuitive to use. Think of it almost like an email inbox.”

Norse is also looking to deploy Sprinklr Service for live chat and voice in addition to their existing channels in order to establish a well-rounded support strategy that meets the expectations of the modern traveler.