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From listings to likes: Property Finder boosts earned engagement by 127%

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reduction in time to generate reports
increase in followers in five months
increase in earned engagement
increase in positive brand mentions

The Challenge

As the leading real estate platform in the Middle East and North Africa region, Property Finder uses the latest technology and data science to make properties more accessible to prospective homebuyers.

As part of its digital strategy, the company prioritizes social media and content marketing, aiming to effectively and authentically connect with its audience. But the company encountered hurdles when it came to coordinating its efforts across social platforms. Managing and monitoring content natively on each channel led to inefficiencies, disjointed data and missed opportunities to engage with its community.  

To elevate its social media impact, Property Finder sought a unified community management solution that would align with its technical requirements and budget, ensuring it:  

  • Offers more comprehensive insights to refine its social strategy and enhance decision-making. 
  • Automates community interaction and support processes through AI. 
  • Centralizes its ticketing system to facilitate smoother support and issue resolution. 
  • Provides scheduling and publishing capabilities for efficient, omnichannel content management. 
  • Delivers advanced analytics capabilities, including competitor benchmarking, to deepen its understanding and improve campaign performance

The Solution

Property Finder implemented Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, an all-in-one social media management platform that is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

With Sprinklr, our scheduling runs smoothly across all platforms. It’s as easy as uploading the content to one space, selecting the channels and clicking ‘go.’”

Headshot Sherif Abdou
Sherif Abdou,
Senior Social Media Manager
, Property Finder

This solution unifies Property Finder’s presence across Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok into one easy-to-use interface with automated scheduling, publishing, reporting and analytics capabilities.  

“We create the majority of our content in-house. We brainstorm ideas, and we create and edit content for creative campaigns that we run across the region,” says Sherif Abdou, Senior Social Media Manager at Property Finder. “We needed an extensive tool that could publish, monitor performance and provide comprehensive insights across all platforms. Sprinklr does it all.”  

Omnichannel publishing and communication tools 
With omnichannel publishing capabilities built into Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, Property Finder can deploy creative campaigns across its social media accounts from a single platform. The unified inbox feature brings all of Property Finder’s inboxes together in one place, streamlining communication with its audience.   

“With Sprinklr, our scheduling runs smoothly across all platforms,” Abdou says. “It’s as easy as uploading the content to one space, selecting the channels and clicking ‘go.’”  

Integrated insights to power cross-platform performance 
Property Finder uses Brand Insights to benchmark against competitors and monitor conversations happening about its brand. The social media team analyzes metrics, such as engagement, audience demographics and top-performing posts to refine strategy and optimize performance. By identifying trends across campaigns and social accounts and focusing on content that resonates with its audiences, Property Finder continuously adapts its approach to maximize effectiveness.  

Rasha Abu Shamaa, Head of Content at Property Finder, says the team uses Sprinklr Insights primarily for tracking mentions of the brand across digital channels. By enabling proactive engagement with audiences and timely responses to queries or discussions, Sprinklr helps Abu Shamaa’s team build backlinks that strengthen the brand’s content strategies. 

Automated reporting to free up in-house resources 
Before Sprinklr, Property Finder had to manually pull reports from each of its social media accounts to monitor performance, a process that could take six hours. Now, the team can generate holistic, out-of-the-box reports for each platform in one hour. No longer tasked with time-consuming reporting processes, Abu Shamaa and her team can focus on more creative work.  

“Sprinklr gives me more time to think about the creative brainstorm process, campaign ideas and collaboration opportunities,” Abdou says. “In the time that we save with Sprinklr, we do more useful things for our brand.”  

Hands-on support for ongoing success 
Sprinklr has proven to be a valuable partner to Property Finder, providing proactive product support and identifying opportunities for improvement as the relationship evolves. For example, when Property Finder sought to implement chatbots on Facebook and Instagram, the Sprinklr team utilized capabilities from another module, Sprinklr Service Self-Serve, to fulfill their requirements. This enabled the Property Finder team to effectively respond to customer inquiries with chatbots. 
“The Sprinklr team is always available to help us with any issues we’re facing,” Abu Shamaa says. “They listen to our concerns, educate us on features we aren’t aware of and walk us through how everything works. It makes everything so easy.”

The Outcome

Sprinklr has helped Property Finder unlock a new and improved social media strategy based on real-world results backed by data.

With Sprinklr Social Self-Serve powering its social media and content management, Property Finder has seen an 83% reduction in time to generate reports, a 127% increase in earned engagement and a 55% boost in positive brand mentions. Between August 2023 and January 2024, the company also gained 130,000 followers, a 9% increase across its social accounts.  

“With Sprinklr, we get a clear overview of where we stand across channels. It shows us where we perform best and how we can improve our campaigns and content,” Abu Shamaa says. Now, the team has the capabilities and insights it needs to set—and meet—more ambitious KPIs and better serve its customers.