UM boosts ad campaign engagement while cutting cost per view by 50%

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increase in video completion rate
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The Challenge

Global media agency UM shoulders the responsibility of devising and executing global digital media strategies for its client, including recruitment initiatives, from its Dubai office.

However, the company grappled with the daunting task of efficiently scaling and personalizing videos for its client’s recruitment campaigns across numerous global markets. This led to cumbersome manual processes and restricted flexibility for last-minute adjustments. Moreover, the agency struggled with convoluted approval processes involving emails, an external digital asset management system and native publishing on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. It sought a scalable technology solution that would enable: 

  • Scalability and flexibility: UM required a solution capable of managing recruitment campaigns across 60-70 global markets, enabling swift adjustments to videos to accommodate last-minute changes or additions to event schedules and campaign parameters. 
  • Personalization: There was a demand for personalized creative assets to boost communication relevance and audience engagement. 
  • Efficiency and collaboration: UM wanted a streamlined platform that would enable it to easily set up and manage campaigns across multiple teams and social channels. This would cut down on campaign lead time. 

The Solution

UM chose Sprinklr Marketing to streamline operations and optimize recruitment campaigns for its client.

Sprinklr dynamic videos have a higher engagement rate and a higher clickthrough rate. They drive higher video completion rates and bring in efficiency in our media buying, with a lower cost per video view.”

Srinivas Rao
Srinivas Rao,
Performance Lead
, UM

The automation and personalization features of Dynamic Video Templates enable UM to make quick adjustments to creative assets, while the bulk upload capability streamlines the process, facilitating efficient management of multiple creatives simultaneously. Sprinklr's collaboration tools and robust analytics further enhanced efficiency and enable timely campaign optimization, transforming how client connects with its target audience on social channels. 

"Sprinklr Marketing has brought about much-needed automation and the personal touch demanded by our campaigns," says UM Performance Lead Srinivas Rao. 

Personalized assets 
By harnessing the power of Sprinklr’s dynamic creative optimization capabilities, UM has transformed its campaign strategy. Using customizable image and video templates, UM now creates personalized assets at scale — including copy and images — ensuring each ad is aligned with the geography of its audience. Powered by Sprinklr AI, UM can now optimize ads dynamically, presenting the most impactful ones to its target audiences — and maximizing engagement and conversion rates.  

The adoption of dynamic video templates has resulted in significant cost savings for the client. "The ability to quickly personalize assets not only boosts campaign relevance but also drives down production costs, which is a big win for our client," says Rao.

Sprinklr's Bulk Import Ads and bulk editing automations implemented by UM have significantly accelerated ad creation and campaign management processes. By leveraging these tools, UM can now quickly generate hundreds of campaigns using a single sheet. A pre-established list of cities within Sprinklr to refer to minimizes errors during campaign setup. Finally, the ability to make bulk edits to existing campaigns has resulted in quicker turnaround times for implementing feedback and updating details, like hotel names or schedules. The UM team can now set up over 300 campaigns at once. “Our ability to streamline ad operations across 50 to 60 global cities using Sprinklr is a game-changer,” says Rao.

The Outcome

UM's implementation of Sprinklr Marketing and its use of dynamic video templates has led to significant gains in campaign efficiency and effectiveness

Enhanced personalization in recruitment campaign videos has led to improved engagement and performance across Facebook and Instagram. 
“We introduced Sprinklr’s dynamic templates to the client’s creative assets and A/B tested it against the conventional non-dynamic asset for a three-week period,” explains Rao, who looked at various media KPIs, including CPM, reach and engagement. "Sprinklr-led assets emerged clearly as the better fit for our campaigns moving forward, given the relevancy and improvement in end user ad experience that the customization brought in.”  

Compared to the previous generic videos used in the client’s recruitment campaigns, Sprinklr’s dynamic videos drove 8% higher engagement, 16% higher video completion rate and 50% reduction in cost per view.