Digital care for Telecommunications

7 of the top 10 Telecom brands use Sprinklr to provide digital care
for millions of customers who increasingly seek help online – instead of by phone.

On average, Telecom companies that use Sprinklr Service experience the following:

3.6 million

Average monthly message volume that Sprinklr AI filters to identify legitimate Telecom customer cases from irrelevant cases

78 minutes

Average improvement in agent response time for Telecoms using Sprinklr AI, Smart Response Suggestions, workflow automation, and bots


Followers gained on local pages during 2020

Telecom brands use Sprinklr every day to provide exceptional digital care


Customer challenge

A large telecommunications company was looking for a way to assist customer care agents in reducing their SLA while maintaining consistent and accurate brand responses that were varied and didn’t seem “too generic.”


Sprinklr Service enabled AI-powered Smart Responses and trained a model based on the past responses of their best agents - helping on board new agents with relevant replies and reduced repetitive responses and human error.



Reduction in SLA with 60% of agents using Smart Response Suggestions


Improvement in engagement rates

Sprinklr Service in Telecom: Customer service beyond the call center

Customers increasingly use online digital channels to seek resolution when they have issues. Sprinklr helps Telecom brands reach their customers with a platform that integrates care across 30+ digital channels.


Handle cases with full conversation history for all 23 social channels including Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, and more.


Integrate messaging channels like WeChat, Line, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, etc., and provide global coverage.


Fully integrated email care capabilities across Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more ensures coverage on the most commonly used customer service channel.


Provide a seamless mobile support experience with direct case resolution via SMS on devices customers always have on hand.

Live Chat

Assist customers in real time with PCI compliant Sprinklr Live Chat, a secure environment where customers can share sensitive details with confidence.


Establish a self-serve community platform to deflect support issues, drive engagement, encourage collaboration and make customers brand advocates.

What customers value most: time

77% of customers say that the most important thing
a company can do to provide them with good online customer service is to value their time.*

Telecom brands that use Sprinklr for digital care
reduce handle times and first-response SLAs by more than 50%.

Industry Average
6+ minutes

handle time

11 hours

first-response SLAs

Average with Sprinklr
2.5 minutes

handle time

2.5 hours

first-response SLAs

AI and automated workflows resolve cases faster and deliver exceptional customer care

Improve customer retention

  • Reduce subscriber churn by providing consistent support across all the digital channels your customers prefer.

  • Proactively detect customers who are a churn risk and trends in service quality to tackle customer pain points head on.

  • Improve brand reputation by being known for speedy resolutions to subscriber complaints.

Create operational efficiencies

  • Migrate customers to cheaper, modern channels and provide agents a unified desktop powered by AI and automation to make their jobs easier.

  • Reduce cost per contact by standardizing and automating workflows that connect customers to agents.

  • Apply AI, automation, and bots to your day-to-day workflows to improve productivity.

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Gain real-time insights, actionable alerts, and common understanding of the current state of your brand, your competitors, and the Telecom industry to drive business decision making and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Monitor and audit agent-customer interactions across digital channels to ensure response quality, brand compliance, customer authentication, and approval workflows.

  • View a 360-degree view of the customer with cross-channel history and context to provide timely, helpful resolutions.

Design your digital care strategy

Not sure where to begin? Download our Sprinklr Service Value Realization Handbook to get started.

Improve customer retention

Today’s consumers expect businesses to respond to questions and issues quickly, and to meet them on the channels they use most. Evolving your care strategy requires a thoughtful approach to ensure that you maintain the level of quality and service that customers have come to expect from your brand.

Working with enterprises across 100 different countries and industry verticals, Sprinklr's Modern Value Realization Handbook will help you craft a digital care strategy that aligns to your business goals, effectively deploys resources, and further increases your customer retention and satisfaction rates.


Delight your customers – and unify your Telecom organization

Everyone on your team benefits from using Sprinklr Service. From automating thousands of work hours for agents to providing actionable insights for business leaders.


Get a 360-degree view of customers through the Agent Console, with cross-channel history, Al-supported Bots, Smart Responses, and CSAT Predictions to provide timely and informative resolutions.


Automate workflow management through skills-based routing, and monitor agent interactions across digital channels to ensure response quality, brand compliance, customer authentication and approval workflows.


Gain an advantage against your competitors with real-time insights on the current state of your customer service operation to reduce subscriber churn, decrease operational costs and improve CSAT.

The solution you choose for digital care will make all the difference

Whether you use a range of social media tools, a traditional call center, or nothing at all - Sprinklr Service delivers the most complete and consistent digital care experience for your brand.





No solution

Natively and manually moderate and respond on each channel

Customers consider abandonment because they're frustrated after raising concerns in multiple channels with no response

Many customer issues, ideas and comments are missed, or not routed properly, because there is no automation or Al

No automation and unmonitored agent-customer interactions leads to inconsistent and delayed responses

Point Solutions

Designed for managing care on social media channels only

Customer concerns raised outside of social media go unanswered, leading to feelings of disappointment

Customer data is often siloed across multiple other point solutions -limiting an agent’s ability to truly understand the customer's history with the brand

Incomplete view into customer history and limited channel coverage leads to slow and inadequate responses

Call Center Platforms

Limited in their ability to support customers across digital channels

Customers will only stay on hold for so long before they start voicing their issues online

Customers are transferred from agent to agent due to manual and cumbersome call routing methods

Customer satisfaction is tracked and managed through post-call feedback surveys, resulting in a reactive approach to customer experience management


Purpose-built, Al-driven digital care platform that supports 30+ channels (social, messaging, chat SMS, email & more)

Engage with customers across all digital touchpoints through a single, unified platform where agents can easily view, prioritize, and respond to cases within minutes

Al-powered agent workflows identify, filter, & route messages that need support, and provide agents with contextual historical data resulting in improved SLAs and optimized workflows

Proactive customer service with Al-supported Bots, Smart Responses, CSAT Prediction, and skill-based routing increases productivity, improves the quality of agent responses and enhances customer experiences

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