Visual Insights

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what are they telling you?

Your brand has a blind spot.

Social media users share over 3 billion photos a day, and while it’s great when a fan uses your hashtag, most images showing your brand are untagged. What’s more, it’s often the case that the caption and the image conflict (hello, sarcasm), which can easily be miscategorized by traditional sentiment tracking tools. If you’re not “reading” visual content about your brand, you’re missing a big part of the conversation.

Capturing insights with (visual) social listening.


Discover, understand, and engage with new audience segments.

See the whole picture.

With Sprinklr Visual Insights, you can expand your social listening program to include images. The technology allows you to automatically scan billions of photos for logos, brand names, and other unstructured brand-related content, and highlights attributes such as audience gender, sentiment, style, and channel-specific behavior. Sprinklr integrates image intelligence with other social sources to give you a more complete view of your customers and your brand.

Turn the endless flow of photos into fresh opportunity.

  • Analyze images from across 23+ social channels as well as blogs, forums, news sites, customer reviews, and more.
  • Catch visual mentions of your brand, even when the photo is partially obscured or distorted.
  • Gain deeper insights into audience demographics, building custom segments to empower marketing outreach.
  • See how photo-based content is impacting your business by viewing visual data alongside other metrics in the unified Sprinklr platform.
  • Decode what your customers really mean through analysis of facial expressions and photo captions.
  • Identify, engage, and nurture advocates who express brand love by posting photos.
  • Automatically filter out NSFW images, focusing analytics on your cleanest dataset yet


Measure the full impact of your brand outside text mentions.

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