Benchmarking Insights

See how your brand stacks up.

View and share how you stack up against the competition, and why.

Competitive intelligence is power.

The competitive landscape is fiercer than ever before. To keep up, brands need a minute-by-minute understanding of how they stack up against the competition and what it takes to stand out. They need to know where they’re leading (and where they’re lagging) across key channels. And they need the ability to instantly take action on those insights.

Get a competitive edge in real time.

With Sprinklr Benchmarking Insights, you can tap into an endless stream of historic and real time social data. Instantly track engagement, sentiment, whether a post is actually promoted content, and other indicators to learn how you’re performing against competitors or other best-in-class brands. Measure performance of branded accounts and establish global benchmarks that align with industry norms and show how you stack up when it comes to social performance.

Uncover competitive advantages by channel, time, audience, and more.

Understand your strengths (and weaknesses).

  • Compare social performance across over 30,000 brands, multiple social channels, and years of historical insights.
  • Know when your competitors dial up the volume and when there’s an opportunity to control the narrative on social.
  • Decode competitors’ paid social strategy, including estimated spend.
  • Discover top performing content to identify influencers and improve strategy across social channels.
  • Compare regional social teams to drive internal competition and reach higher standards.


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