Distributed Marketing

Discover distributed marketing techniques and how companies leverage them to expand their business in multiple locations — while providing a consistent customer experience.

Naveen Mahadevan
December 7, 2021
3 min read

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What is distributed marketing? A quick definition.

Distributed marketing is a sprinklr marketing strategy that focuses on marketing a brand at local and corporate levels by affiliating with local partners through reselling, franchising, retailing, and distribution — helping the brand expand quickly without disruptions and creating a consistent customer experience.

What are the benefits of distributed marketing?

Adopting distributed marketing techniques can help your business grow tremendously while ensuring your customer experience is consistent and on-brand. Explore these benefits to find out how.

Improved brand visibility

Distributed marketing ensures that all your customers — irrespective of location — receive brand messages that are aligned with your business objectives, increasing brand visibility by making it easier for customers to recognize your brand’s unique identity, your products and services, and the manner in which your brand engages with customers.

Consistent customer experience

Distributed marketing helps corporate and local teams provide a consistent brand experience to customers — regardless of their location — by empowering them to personalize brand content at scale to connect with different customer segments more effectively. For a fast-moving consumer goods brand, for example, distributed marketing, or channel marketing as it is often referred to, facilitates the sharing of brand assets between the national and local teams to communicate the same value to their target markets without compromising the brand experience on any level.

Better time management

By allowing local teams to execute marketing campaigns independently, corporate employees can focus on broad-based brand messaging and local teams can engage customers with more agility, enabling both teams to manage their time and reach their objectives more efficiently.

Seamless communication in the workforce

As distributed marketing requires corporate and local teams to collaborate consistently, employees at all levels interact frequently — improving cross-functional communication and collaboration.

Generating Leads for Local Businesses at Scale

Who uses distributed marketing?

Marketing and sales professionals frequently leverage distributed marketing to execute agile marketing strategies and reach a broader audience.

Social media and community managers

Social media managers use distributed marketing to analyze region-specific customer sentiment and share customized content — photos, videos, and tweets on social media platforms such as Instagram, X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Public relations specialists

Public relations specialists leverage distributed marketing techniques to promote PR-related content — brand collaborations, partnerships, media coverage, etc. on social media and avert PR crises. Local teams can instantly alert the corporate team on offensive posts and reverse the damage done.

Ads managers

Online ads play a vital role in understanding your customers and increasing company revenue.

A distributed marketing software provides valuable location insights, allowing ads managers to create customized and precise location-based targeting to reach a larger audience.

Unlocking More From Your Sales Team: Social Selling for B2B Brands

Empower your social sellers with Sprinklr Distributed

To grow your brand consistently in thousands of locations and provide a better customer experience, you need to apply distributed marketing techniques to your business. Trusted by the worlds' largest brands: Marriott International, Hyatt, and Hibbett Sports, Sprinklr Distributed maximizes your brand reach and connects your corporate and local teams efficiently.

Sprinklr Distributed empowers you to:

Scale your editorial workflows quickly

Remote teams can plan and execute marketing campaigns on social media platforms using tools such as local editorial calendars, asset manager, and shared content templates.

Provide a superior customer experience

It provides cost-effective tools such as auto boost and community management that aid local teams to escalate any customer-related issues to the corporate team, prioritizing customer needs.

Prevent brand-related crises

Monitor your local teams and reduce your brands' exposure to risk by enabling smart alerts and resolving the conflicts immediately.

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