Sprinklr Launches AI-Powered Smart Responses for Brand Engagement and Customer Care

Global brands such as L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Verizon are using Sprinklr Intuition AI to create memorable customer experiences at scale
Microsoft reduced the cost of customer engagement by six figures and reduced average response time across social media by 29 percent with Sprinklr Intuition AI

New York, NY – September 24, 2019 – Sprinklr, the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels, announced two new Sprinklr Intuition AI capabilities that automate a high volume of decisions and actions to help brands increase revenue, reduce costs, and manage risk: Smart Response Recommendations for customer care and Smart Response Compliance for brand engagement. Today, only Sprinklr is making AI easily accessible for customer experience management at scale. AI is embedded in all of Sprinklr’s products, available at no extra cost. If you have Sprinklr, you have AI capabilities to automate marketing, advertising, research, customer care and engagement use cases in all major languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

The Problem: Growing Amount of Data and Increasing Consumer Expectations

More than half of the world is online. These internet users are publicly posting about brands and directly messaging them at all hours of the day, across a number of different channels. Brands need to be able to listen to public conversations, learn from them, and use these insights to show customers love with personalized experiences.

It’s impossible for brands to understand and act on public customer data if they are manually sifting through it. In order for brands to gain insight from a massive volume of customer conversations and improve efficiency, they need AI that can automate data analysis and decisions at a scale and speed way beyond human ability.

The Solution: Smart Response Recommendations and Smart Response Compliance

Sprinklr has the only AI model trained specifically for 40+ industries in 100+ languages – including finance, healthcare, and retail – to help brands easily understand what customers are saying. For Red Bull, Sprinklr’s AI is trained to understand that a comment with the word “sick” means that a customer is expressing something good and positive. But, for Sprinklr’s healthcare customers, the AI is trained to understand that the word “sick” has a negative sentiment and relates to health.

The following features enhance the breadth of Sprinklr’s AI capabilities:

Smart Response Recommendations in Sprinklr Service: Customer care agents no longer have to search for a reply script and manually respond to every single query. Smart Response Recommendations reads the ongoing conversation with the customer and then offers the agent three suggested responses. These suggestions include text, relevant emojis, and brand approved assets. Agents can then use the response directly or edit it before sending it out. This saves agents a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to manually type responses every time a customer asks a question. With Sprinklr Smart Response Beta customers, the recommended response is used by agents 60 percent of the time, which has reduced customer support SLA (Service Level Agreement) time by 33 percent. Additionally, Smart Response Recommendations help brands onboard agents faster by eliminating the additional training typically needed for standard manual responses.

The accuracy of Smart Response Recommendations will improve over time as Sprinklr Intuition AI learns by using past customer interactions to deliver the best responses based on how the brand’s agents have replied to customer queries. For example, emojis will be included and the customer’s name if they are typically used by the agent.


Smart Response Recommendations for customer care

Smart Response Compliance in Sprinklr Modern Engagement: Engaging on social every day requires a tricky balance between maintaining an authentic voice while following brand guidelines and compliance restrictions. To support copywriters and brand managers, Sprinklr now provides AI-driven Smart Response Compliance, which flags content based on tone, relevance, gender, and keywords. A red flag is generated if your response does not comply with any of these six categories: Brand Guidelines, Profanity, Relevance, Semantics, Tone, and Bias. In addition to analyzing text, Sprinklr’s AI-powered Visual Insights checks for logo and brand colors to ensure they align with visual guidelines for objects, scenes, gender, and activities in images.

Additional New Sprinklr AI Capabilities

The following Intuition AI capabilities are generally available today:

  • Enhanced Smart Alerts for crisis management:

    Now you can customize the volume limit for number of brand mentions that must be exceeded before a Smart Alert is triggered. For example, you can have a Smart Alert automatically sent to your team if your brand name is mentioned more than 500 times in an hour. This reduces false alarms and gives you an early warning about a brewing crisis.

  • Smart Content Intelligence for sprinklr marketing:

    AI automatically classifies brand posts into categories to help you understand which message themes, tones and objectives are driving the most engagement. For example, if you are posting motivational content with a low engagement rate but your product tips are getting a lot of engagement, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Smart Crop for visual displays:

    Sprinklr Display and Presentations users will now be able to leverage AI visual detection to identify a face in an image and automatically crop it, ensuring the face remains in view. This reduces a significant amount of manual editing work that would typically be done to create perfectly cropped images for presentations and large-screen displays.

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Smart Content Intelligence for sprinklr marketing

Comments on the News:
  • “Sprinklr Intuition can be used for all kinds of things in the Sprinklr platform. Triaging messages, in particular, and then deciding whether they’re engageable or non-engageable is something we use at Microsoft. We’ve also used it for sentiment analysis; you can customize an Intuition model for your brand and use machine learning to understand the sentiment of your inbound messages. The possibilities of Sprinklr’s AI capabilities built on the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) are basically limitless,” said Tyler Smith, Senior Engineering Program Manager, Microsoft.

    “Using our custom triaging models, we were able to replace a team of triaging agents that were spending all day sorting through thousands of messages. There were inaccuracies and considerable costs associated with this manual process, and we were able to eliminate that by moving to Sprinklr Intuition. Now we’re deploying it in new languages and markets to eliminate manual processes throughout the company and around the world.”

  • “Our chief communications officer asked us to do three things to help manage brand risk and reputation: First, build an alert system for the global corporate communications team that only shows the most crucial items. Second, provide a daily wrap up with everything the comms team needs to know about global online conversations. Third, create a report or dashboard that shows what people are saying about McDonald’s in real time around the world,” said Jola Oliver Director, Global Social Media Intelligence, McDonald’s.

    “From the beginning our CCO was ecstatic about Sprinklr’s Smart Alerts. Our own CMO ended up using them and now we’re branching them out to the entire communications team across markets. There’s nothing we need to do manually to trigger the alert and we were able to customize the type of alerts we needed to achieve our goals. We now use Smart Alerts for global crisis detection, real-time alerts and brand insights. We have also Sprinklr Display built out for the CCO on his desktop that provides a real-time view of all the conversations happening around McDonald’s.”

  • “With business value now being defined by the customer experience, companies need to leverage advanced AI to them drive collaboration across the entire front office and fully understand their customers,” said Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Sprinklr.

    “Sprinklr’s AI can process more than 1 billion customer conversations a day. This is why we’re specifically built to help the world’s largest brands understand and act on the tremendous amount of customer data they’re gathering all day. In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we’re celebrating the intelligent automation we’ve built for the entire front office and we’ll continue accelerating our innovation over the next decade.”

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Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) is the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels. Its mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier. Sprinklr has 22 offices in 15 countries and works with more than half of the Fortune 500, 70% of the 100 companies on the Forbes 2019 World’s Most Valuable Brands list, and more than 1,000 global enterprises, including: Allstate, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Santander, Shell, and Verizon.

Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) is the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels. Its mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier. Sprinklr has 22 offices in 15 countries and works with more than half of the Fortune 500, 70% of the 100 companies on the Forbes 2019 World’s Most Valuable Brands list, and more than 1,000 global enterprises, including: Allstate, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Santander, Shell, and Verizon.

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