Sprinklr Care

Increase customer satisfaction with smart, automated, and AI-driven technologies.

Care is the new marketing.

It’s no secret that the demand for omnichannel customer experience is growing at a rapid pace. According to Gartner, by 2020, this demand will be amplified by the need for near perfect execution from brands.

75% of people now expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with brands, be it through social media, mobile, or even in person.

But while 80% of companies believe they deliver “superior experiences”, only 8% of customers agree.

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Resolve, and measure customer care issues

Take better care of your customers – at every turn.
With Sprinklr Care, brands have the ability to route, resolve, and measure customer care issues in a integrated, cross-channel solution.

AI-powered automation identifies and routes customer care issues from various channels high priority issues can be quickly addressed.


Access 360-view of the customer in order to provide an accurate response to resolve customer care issues quickly and efficiently.


Collect, aggregate, and report on customer satisfaction and agent performance, across multiple touchpoints to manage overall costs and reduce service times at scale to improve customer satisfaction.

The Power of Sprinklr Care
Quickly respond to customers and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Bring in messages from 25+ social channels, email, live chat, SMS, and more.
  • Route cases based on agent capacity, availability and current load.
Know your customers full history to provide optimal service.
  • Connect to existing CRM tools and view all case history and interactions with the customer in one single dashboard view.
  • Access templated responses to quickly address customer questions, concerns, or issues.
Standardize processes and workflows for compliance and efficiency.
  • Automate the classification and routing of messages based on keywords, sentiment, influencer score, issue type, and much more with AI-powered rules.
  • Audit agent activity to identify areas for improvement and process optimization.
Quickly access reports to measure results and improve on SLA’s and CSAT.
  • Access a connected view of agent’s activity and performance in real time.
  • Survey customers to capture feedback from several channels and view in a consolidated report.
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Take better care of your customers – at every turn.

Brands need an innovative way to help customers on the channels they prefer, manage service interactions at scale, and turn customer care into a powerful and profitable engine.

With Sprinklr Care, brands have the ability to route, resolve, and measure customer care issues in an integrated, cross-channel solution.

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Customer Stories

Forrester ranked Sprinklr a leader in all
4 marketing categories

We outperform the point solutions because we are leveraging
the power of Mordern Front Office platform.

Forrester Wave™:
Social Media Management Solutions >>
Q2 2017

“Sprinklr’s SMMS is best for large enterprise social deployments or organizations that already leverage its listening capability.”
Forrester Wave™:
Content Marketing Platforms >>
Q2 2017

“Sprinklr has a workflow builder unique in this field for flexibility and visual simplicity.”
Forrester Wave™:
Social Advertising Technology >>
Q3 2017

“Sprinklr’s advertising module creates a richer and more integrated tool for multi-purpose social marketers.”
Forrester Wave™:
Social Listening Platforms >>
Q3 2018

“Sprinklr leverages its extensive social data sources and tech integrations to deliver a core listening product that feeds into six clouds…”

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