Sprinklr Social Pricing & Plans

The only social media management platform that is truly optimized for teams of all sizes. Find your perfect fit with Sprinklr Social’s Advanced and Enterprise plans.
$299per seat/month
The most comprehensive self-serve solution in the market. Simpler UI, out-of-the-box listening and OpenAI’s GPT integration. Perfect for smaller teams to manage social at scale.

7 social channels and 5 review channels

Build-in AI-powered listening with insights on trends, competition and smart alert
Best practice reports for organic and paid media 10+ use cases
AI for sentiment analysis, recommended scheduling and trend analysis
Access to latest Generative AI for content generation and modification
Standardized modules for publishing, engagement, listening and reporting
Tiered approval workflows

Sprinklr is the platform of choice for organizations looking to manage social across multiple brands, teams, and geographies.

Broad channel coverage

Widest channel coverage

Sprinklr supports 30+ modern channels with the flexibility to add new channels in weeks.

Best-in-class AI

Best-in-class AI

Industry-leading accuracy with Sprinklr AI, further enhanced by Generative AI capabilities.

Icon AI Magic

Truly enterprise-grade governance

Global compliance frameworks with seamless approval workflows, governance rules, and moderation processes.



Unified Customer Experience Management Platform (Unified-CXM) for integrated insights, marketing, and service.

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Microsoft logo
How the Office and 365 team learned to work smarter, safer, and more profitably.

Driving revenue with social

With Sprinklr Social, Microsoft was able to engage with customers 30% faster — and identify future brand advocates.

Saving time with automation

By replacing multiple point solutions with Sprinklr’s AI-powered social media automation software, Microsoft’s social media managers were able to triage messages with 95% accuracy — and engage with more customers faster.

Mitigating risk at scale

Sprinklr helped Microsoft connect at scale with individual customers - across 80 different brands and 1,800 social accounts while maintaining the brand’s strong reputation throughout.

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