Have you tapped into podcasts to gather insights for your brand yet? It’s time.

Naveen Mahadevan

July 27, 20233 min read

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What's the first thing you do when you sit on a flight, turn the ignition key in your car or grind away on the treadmill? If you answered, “I listen to my favorite podcast,” you aren’t alone. An estimated 131 million people in the U.S. listen to a podcast every month!

This bar chart illustrates the steady growth in the number of podcast listeners in the U.S. from 2018 to 2025.

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful and captivating form of media thanks primarily to technological advances in the last two decades. In a relatively short period, podcasting has evolved into a global phenomenon, reshaping how we consume information, engage with brands and connect with diverse communities. Today, more than 4 million podcasts are available on the Internet, and you can listen to any of those podcasts from anywhere in the world, most of them for free, if you have a smartphone.

Why should you care?

Well, podcasts have become a hotbed of sorts for brand chatter. In addition to social media and other digital channels, podcasts can offer you great insights about your brand and customers. If you haven’t started eavesdropping on this medium yet, here’s some great news: Sprinklr's integration with Podchaser simplifies podcast analytics for brands.

Keep reading to find out how.

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From margin to mainstream

Although podcasts have been around for a long time — they were known as “audioblogs” in the 1980s — it wasn't until around 2004 that the rise of portable audio playback devices like the iPod contributed massively to the growing popularity of podcasts. This technological shift enabled listeners to conveniently access and consume audio content on the go, catalyzing the widespread adoption of this medium.

This bar chart displays the top podcast platforms in the U.S., with Spotify leading with 25% market share, followed by Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts at 20% and 16% respectively.

Fast forward to today, podcast listenership worldwide stands at approximately 464.7 million, and this figure is expected to touch the 500 million milestone by 2024.

Recognizing the vast potential of podcasts, brands have started leveraging this medium to connect with their audiences in unique ways. Sponsorships, product placements and one-to-many broadcasts are some of the strategies employed to engage listeners and promote their offerings.

This chart ranks the most popular podcast genres – Society & Culture takes the lead with nearly 500,000 podcasts, followed by Education and Arts at 450,000 and 325,000 respectively.

For PR and Communications teams, extending their media monitoring capabilities to include podcasts, capturing vital conversations related to their brand, industry and relevant topics and themes, has become crucial.

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Simplifying podcast analytics with Sprinklr and Podchaser

In the quest to simplify and enhance the podcast (social) listening experience for brands, Sprinklrhas partnered withPodchaser[NM3] [AR4] [NM5] to introduce podcast listening data to its platform.

“As the medium continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to understand how their brand and products are being discussed on podcasts,” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser. “Through Podchaser’s data integration, Sprinklr customers are gaining unparalleled insight into their podcast presence and its impact.”

With this integration, customers can monitor over 4.5 million podcasts and 170 million episodes and capture transcripts for 5000 top podcasts monthly via Sprinklr.

Customers can access podcast data on their listening dashboards by setting up topics and searching for transcripts, titles and descriptions that map to those topics. They will also have access to rich metadata, offering them valuable insights into any podcast’s popularity score and reach.

By leveraging Sprinklr's comprehensive suite of tools and Podchaser's extensive database, brands can streamline their podcast monitoring, analysis and engagement efforts, thereby maximizing their return on investment.


From their humble beginnings as audioblogs to their current position as a dominant entertainment medium, podcasts have witnessed remarkable growth and impact.

With the Sprinklr-Podchaser integration, brands can seamlessly navigate the podcasting landscape, harnessing the power of data and analytics to drive meaningful engagement and achieve their marketing objectives.

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