Sprinklr Brand Bowl 2024: Who had the most talked about Super Bowl ad?

Super Bowl 2024 wasn’t just a showdown between football teams, it was also the arena where top brands competed with memorable advertisements.

Rachel Alvarez

February 11, 20243 min read

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Super Bowl 2024 wasn’t just a showdown between football teams, it was also the arena where top brands competed to capture the attention of millions of viewers through their memorable commercials.  

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The Most Expensive Ad on TV

The 2024 Super Bowl ad rates soared to an astonishing $7 million for a 30-second spot, representing a significant increase over the previous year. This surge in ad costs underscores the sheer magnitude of the audience's attention during the big game. 

The Power of Social Media to Amplify Ads

Social media platforms extend the longevity of Super Bowl ads, ensuring that brands make the most out of their immense investment. For the past few years, Sprinklr has analyzed the volume and sentiment of public conversations around Super Bowl ads on social media and this year’s ads were certainly the most buzzworthy to date.  

Sprinklr Brand Bowl 2024 Results

To track the most talked about advertisements in real time, we created a Sprinklr Brand Bowl Presentation. Using Sprinklr Insights we collected and aggregated public mentions of Super Bowl keywords + advertising keywords + each brand’s keywords. A public post or article must mention one of the terms from each query to be counted as a mention. Sprinklr Display was used to build and publish a real-time display of the aggregated information. Here are the winners of our Super Bowl ad analysis across X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and news sites from January 1st to the game end on Sunday, February 11 (10:47 PM ET).  

The top 10 most talked about ads by brand name:

  1. Verizon 

  2. Paramount+  

  3. Temu 

  4. Cetaphil 

  5. Budweiser 

  6. He Gets Us  

  7. NYX Professional Makeup 

  8. Bud Light  

  9. Uber Eats 

  10. FanDuel  

    Top Ads By Brand

The 10 ads with the most positive sentiment by brand:  

  1. Cetaphil 

  2. Paramount+ 

  3. Budweiser 

  4. NYX Professional Makeup  

  5. Dunkin 

  6. FanDuel 

  7. Bud Light 

  8. Verizon 

  9. Michelob ULTRA  

  10. Doritos 

Top Ads - Positive Brand Sentiment

The Most Mentioned Ads BEFORE the Super Bowl

Verizon, Paramount+, CeraVe, He Gets Us, TurboTax, and Budweiser had advertisements with the most spikes in mentions ahead of the game.   

Brand Mentions - Pre Game

The Most Mentions Ads During the 1st Half (Including Halftime)

Temu, Dunkin’, Budweiser, He Gets Us, CeraVe, and Dove were the brands with the most mentioned advertisements during the 1st half of the Super Bowl.  

Brand Mentions - 1st Half

The Most Mentioned Ads During the THIRD Quarter

Verizon, Temu, Pfizer, He Gets Us, Bud Light, and Dunkin’ all had popular ads by volume of mentions across social media and news sites during the third quarter.   

Brand Mentions - third quarter

The Most Mentioned Ads During the FOURTH Quarter

Verizon, Temu, Disney+, Budweiser, He Gets Us, Pfizer were the brands with the most mentioned advertisements during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

Brand Mentions -Fourth Quarter

The Most Loved Halftime Show

Social media conversations were buzzing with positive feedback for Usher's halftime show performance, especially praising Alicia Keys' surprise piano appearance and their 'My Boo' duet. However, some BTS fans expressed disappointment over Jungkook's absence, considering his recent collaboration with Usher on the song ‘Standing Next to You.’

Usher Apple Music Half-time Show

Swifties are Super Bowl Champions

Taylor Swift fans pumped up the volume around the Super Bowl this year with over 600 thousand mentions of Taylor Swift across social media and news sites related to the big game.  

Super Bowl + Taylor Swift

Win the Brand Bowl with Sprinklr

As the Unified-CXM platform for all customer-facing functions, Sprinklr is a perfect fit for brands that want to create memorable marketing experiences. 

Check out Sprinklr’s Brand Bowl real-time data visualization to see who came out on top. Learn more about Sprinklr Insights and reach out today to schedule a demo.

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