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How Acer streamlines its workflow across global markets to improve customer experience



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As a global company with a presence in more than 160 countries, Acer runs more than 250 social media accounts. Historically, that meant having hundreds of individual performance reports, with inconsistent KPIs and data interpretations. This made it difficult to optimize the best-performing content or benchmark content performance across markets. There was also a disconnect between how customers were engaging with the brand on social media and digital channels, and how Acer was delivering customer care. Acer saw a clear opportunity to improve its customer service by harnessing digital channels to personalize the customer experience across every touchpoint.

Acer needed a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to ensure brand consistency, streamline workflows between agencies and local markets, and build global visibility across the board. At the same time, the company had plans to improve workflow efficiencies and accommodate a larger team.

To meet its goals and grow the business, Acer needed a solution that would:

  • Bridge the gaps between siloed marketing teams around the world

  • Shorten the transition period when onboarding new external agencies

  • Support the internal global team with real-time data for quick decision-making during trade shows and media events

  • Enable a more efficient yet personalized customer service experience


When Acer implemented Sprinklr in 2014, it gave the Acer team a full view of all marketing collateral and implementation across various markets. Sprinklr Social dashboard also enabled global headquarters to set customized KPIs and metrics to establish internal benchmarks. Additionally, Sprinklr’s asset management tool enabled teams in different markets to use and track the performance of the brand’s global assets across one platform.

Since the pandemic brought most of its physical events online, Acer leverages Sprinklr to see event performance in real time, without having to wait for a post-mortem report that can take a week or more to be finalized. As a result, the team is able to closely monitor organic performance to more accurately influence content planning, as well as gain deep insights that help the brand identify areas to focus on for its paid strategies.


Sprinklr has helped Acer grow its business by engaging more effectively with customers through its Unified-CXM platform, integrating Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Insights, and Sprinklr Service in a single solution. In addition to a bird's-eye view of the business on one platform, Sprinklr has helped ensure the uniformity of marketing collateral and paved the way for proactive engagement with Acer’s customers.

Sprinklr’s platform also enables a seamless transition for new agencies that onboard the Acer accounts in local markets around the world by creating an easily accessible single source for brand guidelines and assets. “Essentially, the agency speaks the same language we speak because everything is already ready for them on our platform, making the transition a lot easier,” says Shashank G S, Global Social Media Manager at Acer.

Although Sprinklr Service is the newest addition to the Sprinklr platform at Acer, the team is already seeing the benefits and is excited to explore new territories with the platform. As Manolo Winkler, Head of Global Social Media at Acer, said, “With Sprinklr, I believe there is a visionary roadmap. New features are always being added to the platform so it doesn't feel like we’re missing out on new functionality or innovative features, just because we have been with them for the last seven years. In fact, we’ve experienced the opposite, with constant innovation and the adding of new features. We look forward to continuing this growth as a company with them.”

“We now have full visibility of what each market is doing, connecting different aspects from social listening to customer service metrics and creative performance on one platform. This allows us to make key decisions that are backed by data in real-time, which is so powerful to engage the right people. These integrated aspects of the platform are what makes Sprinklr so appealing for us.”

Manolo Winkler
Head of Global Social Media





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7,500+ employees, 160+ countries, 95,000 retail locations


Taiwan (Global HQ)

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