Check out Sprinklr’s Winter '23 release.

Discover Sprinklr’s 18.2 Winter '23 release loaded with innovative, value-driving capabilities that ensure simple and seamless customer experiences, with a focus on usability.

Sprinklr Products Rebranding

In accordance with broader business goals, we’ve rebranded our products, as mentioned below:

Rebranding - 18.2 Winter '23 Release - GIF

Users will see these new names in the product menu in the upcoming few weeks.

In line with these changes, Modern Success will also change to Sprinklr Success.

Sprinklr Service (formerly Modern Care)

Numerous features have been added for teams to improve agent efficiency and supervisor experience.

Use Sprinklr’s omni-channel outbound campaign manager to reach out proactively to your prospects and customers using voice and digital campaigns. Optimize your connect and conversion rates by leveraging AI-based predictive dialers, omni-channel post-call workflows, automated callbacks, reporting, and other advanced features.

Drive voice-led omni-channel campaigns

Sprinklr Insights (formerly Modern Research)

Introducing upgrades for better user experience, easier and more robust alert management and an all-new insight automation capability that helps you capture insights faster.

Experience easier, quicker, and more accurate alerts configuration with the ability to set alerts from any reporting widget, a revamped alert form and algorithmic improvements for more robust alerting capability. This upgrade will be available shortly after the Winter ‘23 Release.

Easier alerts configuration and better and more comprehensive crisis detection capabilities

Sprinklr Marketing (formerly Modern Marketing & Advertising)

Introducing upgrades that improve task management and creative production and approvals for higher team productivity, lower content creation costs and greater media efficiency.

Assemble standard guidelines for ads in the form of task checklists. These tasks can be linked to paid campaigns that go through the approval process, and assigned to teams or users. This enables smoother checks for adherence before go-live.

Enable more efficient QA and ensure compliance

Sprinklr Social (formerly Social Engagement & Sales)

Introducing upgrades across publishing capabilities designed to give brands enhanced control over content, as well as provide additional outlets for publishing more versatile content and amplifying brand reach.

With this upgrade, users who have access to Rights Manager on Facebook and YouTube can apply monetization policy while publishing original video content from Sprinklr. This includes an option to define availability of video content across geographies and configure workflows in case matching content is published by other users / accounts on these social media platforms. For YouTube, users can also configure ad settings and placement of ads.

Monetize video content on Facebook and YouTube

Unified-CXM Platform

Explore new integrations and usability enhancements that will improve the way you work with Sprinklr.

With the Integration Studio Persona App (beta), explore, set up and manage all integrations, APIs and other extensibility products from a single place.

Manage integrations from a single screen

Cross-Product Features

Learn more about our latest features to improve the user experience across products within the platform.

With the Care Command Center now supporting new CCaaS data sources like voice analytics, empower your teams with deeper KPI reporting. Enhancements to visualization controls have been introduced to ensure promptness and conciseness of real-time monitoring.

Enable real-time visibility into your organization-s customer service KPIs

User Experience Enhancements

Enjoy a simpler, better, and more consistent Sprinklr experience with exciting changes in platform usability, appearance, and behavior.

To create a consistent User Experience, we have introduced Hyperspace Experience in Sprinklr Launchpad and also added Standard Persona Apps in the Launchpad.

  • Upgraded hyperspace interface with improved usability and performance

  • Standard Persona Apps will provide improved productivity and simplified navigation, as all required capabilities are just a click away in the left navigation bar.

  • Persona-based onboarding to ease the learning curve for users who leverage specific modules

  • 10+ Out-of-the-box apps across Sprinklr Social, Insights, Advertising, Marketing, and Service to satisfy the most common use cases

Hyperspace Experience and Standard Persona Apps

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