Check out Sprinklr’s Spring '23 Release. 

Discover Sprinklr’s 18.5 Spring '23 Release loaded with innovative AI-powered capabilities that improve team productivity and efficiency, with a focus on usability. 

Sprinklr AI+ 

With this release, we are launching Sprinklr AI+ capabilities across our products — powered by unifying Sprinklr’s proprietary AI with generative AI from OpenAI. These features will be made available upon request, and you can read more about them in the sections below. 

Sprinklr Service

Deliver enhanced customer experience with feature advancements on live chat, conversational AI and self-serve. Increase agent productivity with Quality Management on video, Shift Management capabilities within WFM and an improved interface for Guided Workflows. 

Significantly speed up the bot build and implementation time by eliminating complex node creation with dynamic decision trees powered by Generative AI. Leverage Sprinklr AI+ to provide a more natural conversational experience to the customers. 

NOTE: This capability will be made available to customers upon request.  

Generative AI powered Conversational Bot@3x

Sprinklr Insights

Introducing usability enhancements across dashboards and widgets, updates powered by Sprinklr AI+ and features and enhancements to drive better user experience.  

Create AI-generated queries and reduce the time to configure these by as much as 90%. You can generate boolean queries by describing your research topic, generate queries, keywords, hashtags and phrase suggestions, translate any keyword or phrase by simply selecting and choosing the desired language and add hundreds of keyword suggestions to a keyword list.  

Sprinklr AI Topic,Theme & Story Query and Keyword Creation@3x

Sprinklr Marketing

Improve your team’s productivity and efficiency with Work Management and Automated Ads. With this release, leverage a powerful CMS integration and AI-powered enhancements for paid content. 

Simplify and speed up the briefing process using Sprinklr AI+ to generate key campaign messages, social media content and more. Improve the quality of your content and save time by using AI to simplify, reword, translate, fix the spelling/grammar, alter the length or modify the tone of your content.  

Sprinklr AI+ in Publisher and Briefs@3x

Sprinklr Social

With Sprinklr Social’s latest updates, enhance community management, governance and team productivity. Leverage new channel integrations, privacy configurations, multilingual support for macros and screener forms for new user data gathering. 

Manage your communities better by responding to questions on Amazon directly through Sprinklr via listening dashboards, care consoles, agent consoles, and Salesforce cases. 

Amazon Q&A Integration via Iframe@3x

Unified-CXM Platform

Explore new integrations that will improve the way you work with Sprinklr. 

Sprinklr’s integration with Jira integration enables seamless communication and collaboration between the front-office teams that use Sprinklr and the backend teams that use Jira. efficiently manage customer issues, reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction by linking Jira tickets to Sprinklr cases, creating new ones directly from Sprinklr, linking notes and ticket comments across two platforms, and getting accurate status updates. 

JIRA Integration@3x

Cross-Product Features

Learn more about our latest features to improve the user experience across products within the platform. 

User Experience Enhancements

Enjoy a simpler, better, and more consistent Sprinklr experience with exciting changes in platform usability, appearance, and behavior. 

The Hyperspace Experience and Standard Persona Apps in the Sprinklr Launchpad aim to enhance usability and performance. Standard Persona Apps streamline navigation and improve productivity, with key capabilities just a click away in the left navigation bar. 10+ pre-built persona-based apps simplify onboarding and learning for users of specific platform modules. 

 With this release, Hyperspace will be made the default experience for all users. This roll-out would be done in phases, and there will be no option to switch back to the old interface. 


Security Enhancement Update 

Effective with our 18.5 major spring release, Sprinklr will require two-factor authentication (2FA) on all customer accounts that are not using SSO. This will require users to input a secondary authentication factor at the time of login. The scope of 2FA is applicable to all existing and new customer accounts not using SSO. 
This change will strengthen the security of our platform. Enabling 2FA will strengthen security for our customers’ users and data as well as Sprinklr’s platform. 

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