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The Challenge is one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes. By investing in the technology that helps take the friction out of travel, seamlessly connects millions of travelers with memorable experiences, a range of transport options, and incredible places to stay.

One campaign had over 300 messages that were tagged as positive stay experiences. Having Sprinklr automatically classify these and provide real-time reporting is not only a huge time saver, but important for future campaign recommendations.”

Corina Bordeianu
Corina Bordeianu,
Social Media & Consumer Insights

With searches for travel, travel tips, and travel ideas becoming increasingly popular on TikTok, created a TikTok account to reach audiences interested in travel-related content. The account's bio says it all: "Making it easier for everyone to experience the world one TikTok at a time."

Scaling activity on TikTok meant more consumers engaging with on their organic and paid content. Given the substantial influx of comments, faced a significant hurdle in accurately discerning the subject matter and corresponding sentiment. They also needed an efficient process for digesting the data from the comments, extracting useful insights, and routing to the best person to respond. By identifying and responding to important user feedback, is able to manage their community on TikTok and on other channels by that matter, enabling them to further scale.

Corina Bordeianu, Senior Manager, Social Media & Consumer Insights at, wanted a unified solution that would help the team:

  • Detect and categorize sentiment of conversations in an aggregated way with extreme accuracy and at scale
  • Streamline support operations by surfacing AI-powered insights
  • Digest content engagement data, correlate them with organic and paid content performance and turn them into actionable insights to help improve paid content strategy.

The Solution implemented the Sprinklr solution. Sprinklr's unique AI-powered models moderate TikTok comments at scale to automatically detect intent, route to the right internal contacts to respond, provide personalized responses, and turn large amounts of data into actionable insights.

Since then, teams have worked to create a consistent, entertaining, and fun experience for all travel-goers across all customer touch points.

Managing’s presence at scale on TikTok

“With TikTok being one of many social media platforms that we engage on, it was extremely important to have a platform that could detect, analyze, and route comment moderation at scale” says Corina Bordeianu, Senior Manager, Social Media & Consumer Insights at

Sprinklr AI and custom-trained models for purchase intent automatically detect the intent behind user feedback and analyze these conversations to categorize them as positive or negative sentiment. “One campaign had over 300 messages that were tagged as positive stay experiences. Having Sprinklr automatically classify these and provide real-time reporting is not only a huge time saver, but important for future campaign recommendations. These insights are critical to have, and as we will grow the activity on TikTok we expect this volume to grow even more,” says Bordeianu.

Powering productivity across teams

Sprinklr Service’s AI-powered Unified Routing uses data and AI-powered insights to understand customer queries and route them to the appropriate team. “Sprinklr’s custom-trained AI models can automatically detect the intent of user feedback on our posts and route the comments to the appropriate teams depending on the response required. These in-platform workflows help us provide a consistent experience for users across channels and give us the capabilities we need to scale further on TikTok,” says Bordeianu.

Eliminating the manual assignment of comment moderation allows to respond faster and provide the best customer experience from the start by assigning the comment to the most appropriate person to answer. “Not only are we being more responsive to customers, but we can also gain valuable insights from user feedback as well as use sentiment analysis to optimize our boosted content on TikTok through the Sprinklr platform,” says Bordeianu.

Using data to gain valuable insights to optimize paid content through sentiment analysis

Sprinklr Marketing allows to leverage real-time voice of the customer insights to optimize ad campaigns. AI-powered insights analyze the performance of content in one single dashboard, making it easy to adjust spend accordingly.

That friend who’s always ready to go on vacation
TikTok serves as a compelling example of how leveraging performance analysis aided in promptly recognizing successful content. With a notable proportion of favorable sentiment, the team was able to take swift action to further promote the content and amplify reach for more engagement.

“As part of our boosting strategy, we implement audience targeting tests to reach new demographics we anticipate will exhibit a genuine interest in our content. That’s why monitoring sentiment patterns to validate our hypothesis is extremely important,” says Bordeianu. “This is another reason we prioritize having distinct work streams for social engagement and social care so that we can route to the appropriate teams to respond on TikTok, just like we do for the other channels” adds Bordeianu.

The Outcome

Over the course of the 60-day test period, Sprinklr analyzed more than 9,500 inbound comments from TikTok, classifying them into’s categories of positive stay experience, brand engagements, complaints, thank you messages, reservation issues and more.

During the test period alone, Sprinklr AI identified 2,000 comments as engageable and routed to the appropriate care and marketing teams. That equates to over 17 hours of work saved and efficiencies gained on TikTok alone. These workflows have also been implemented on other channels where is leveraging Sprinklr's capabilities — such as Meta and X, formerly Twitter.

"We are aiming to build the strongest and most loved brand in travel. Detecting the sentiment of conversations on all channels where we are active is definitely helpful for achieving this objective," says Bordeianu.