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Multinational electronics company uses the voice of the customer to drive global innovation

Multinational Electronics Corporation
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The Challenge

A multinational electronics corporation is focused on constantly reinventing the future. To realize this vision, the company must be at the forefront of product innovation and bring fresh features to its customers. Its appliance division needs to hear the voices of its consumers to understand which innovations are most impactful, deliver the greatest value, and keep the company ahead of the competition. 

The company’s previous customer-sentiment tool was expensive and cumbersome for a team that didn’t want to build or heavily manage its solutions. Most importantly, it wasn’t generating the kind of insights the appliance group needed to create or enhance the features customers were asking for. Without these critical insights, the company risked falling behind as a product innovator.

To find the right fit for their needs, the company sought a solution to:

  • Understand what customers were saying about their products in real time across dozens of digital channels globally and in multiple languages
  • Leverage insights from indirect mentions in places like support conversations and product reviews
  • Provide in-depth analysis of how competitor products are viewed in the marketplace
  • Assist in the ideation of new features, communication strategies, and messages to better serve consumers 
  • Generate consistent, unified insights for R&D, marketing, and sales to foster innovation

The Solution

When the company’s appliance division adopted Sprinklr Insights, they were able to immediately leverage Social Listening and Product Insights features to tap into thousands of real-time conversations among their customers across every social media channel and market.

Assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) reporting, the team can now do deep dives into this unstructured data to derive true, actionable insights and understand how their competitors are performing. Because of Sprinklr’s cloud-native unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, everyone along the customer value chain — product development, sales, communications, marketing — has a shared, consistent view of the consumer, so they can act on feedback and collaborate more effectively. 

Sprinklr Insights helps the company achieve its innovation goals by:

  • Creating detailed reports in multiple languages, tracking customer sentiment of products and features in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, and France
  • Generating in-depth competitive analyses that help product and marketing teams differentiate the company’s offerings and discover opportunities to close gaps
  • Isolating the product features that drive the greatest customer value, so they can be enhanced and highlighted

The Outcome

With Product Insights and Social Listening, the company has a richer understanding of the product features that create true customer value.

It also has keener insight into its competitive landscape, so teams can respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace. Above all, the company has the right solution to take bold action and secure its place as a global innovator. Here are just a few examples of tangible outcomes that were possible for the company when it was able to listen to and take action on unstructured customer data at scale: