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EGGER optimizes organic and paid social ads with Sprinklr

Company Size

The Challenge

The EGGER Group is one of the world’s leading international wood-based materials manufacturers. Headquartered in Austria, the company was founded in 1961 and now has 22 plants in more than eleven countries.

As the number of marketing channels has expanded in recent years, the company’s growing social team needed a scalable digital solution for both organic and paid social that allows them to streamline their efforts across multiple markets and enables them be more data-driven.  

The Solution

EGGER implemented Sprinklr Social and Sprinklr Marketing, from Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. 

The data in Sprinklr helps us with social media activities across markets and platforms. We analyze this to understand how social teams achieved their KPIs and to extract any learnings that could improve our groupwide activities or that other teams might replicate."

Headshot Marija Mitrovic
Marija Mitrovic,
Social Media Specialist
, EGGER Group

Efficiency and collaboration for a global social team across 14 markets
EGGER’s groupwide social media strategy is overseen by Social Media Specialist Marija Mitrovic, who sits in Tyrol, Austria. Mitrovic provides the social media framework for the whole EGGER group and keeps tabs on 14 global markets, each of which has its own social media manager. When she joined the company in 2019, EGGER’s social media approach was still in its infancy: There was no overarching social framework. Even though the company had implemented Sprinklr, poor adoption meant it was not getting much benefit from the platform. There was no uniform reporting.

“We've grown a lot since then,” says Mitrovic. 
Today, EGGER’s social teams around the world — and their agencies — all work from the Sprinklr platform. Starting first with Social Publishing & Engagement and then adding Social Advertising, both organic and paid content is now posted through Sprinklr. Prior to Sprinklr, EGGER had challenges with cross-market collaboration. Today, Sprinklr allows EGGER's social team to share best practices, exchange information and learn from each other's successes and failures.

Full transparency into social campaigns across 14 markets

Prior to its robust adoption of Sprinklr, Mitrovic says, there was no uniform reporting on social performance. Managers in each of the 14 markets were responsible for their own social campaigns and reporting. Each social media manager tracked their own chosen metrics, which meant there was no unified view into what each market was doing or how its campaigns were performing. Today, Mitrovic has full visibility into the global social team’s activity and reporting. 

The Outcome

EGGER's adoption of Sprinklr Social and Sprinklr Marketing brought significant positive outcomes for the company’s social team: they achieved a 93.4% adoption rate of Sprinklr’s social advertising platform within six months, saved 15 workdays, and established efficiency and collaboration among their global social teams across 14 markets.

With full transparency into social campaigns, Sprinklr's reporting capabilities have enabled uniform reporting on social performance, facilitating knowledge sharing and identifying successful strategies for campaign optimization.

EGGER is currently implementing Sprinklr Insights with plans to track visual content related to the brand.