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How Flowe uses a unified platform to reach a younger generation of banking customers

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150 employees
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growth in the first year of operation
competitors tracked and benchmarked

The Challenge

Italian digital bank, Flowe, wanted to provide a seamless, consistent and positive customer experience for its users. It needed a technology partner that aligned with its vision and empowered representatives to manage customer interactions across the diverse channels preferred by its user base.

Sprinklr has given us the ability to dedicate more attention to each customer and resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

Cristina Toniazzo
Cristina Toniazzo,
Happiness and Service Perspective Leader
, Flowe

Flowe launched in June 2020 with an innovative vision for facilitating a sustainable lifestyle for its users.Born from banking giant Banca Mediolanum, the fintech company targets Millennials and Generation Z with the goal of empowering users to become more financially savvy while encouraging education on environmental sustainability and personal health. Flowe’s vision comes to life through app features, like tracking users’ workouts and calculating the CO2 impact of their expenses.

As a young company appealing to a new customer segment, Flowe aimed to ensure a seamless, consistent, and positive customer experience for users from the very start. The digital bank required a technology partner that matched its vision and enabled representatives to easily manage customer interactions on the channels its users prefer.

The Solution

Flowe streamlined its operations by implementing Sprinklr, consolidating publishing, engagement, customer service, and insights onto a single platform to foster seamless communication and enhance the overall customer experience.

In 2019, prior to launching, Flowe originally turned to Sprinklr for a social media publishing and engagement solution that enabled it to meet its customers on their preferred digital channels. However, after meeting with Sprinklr, Flowe recognized that a single platform for publishing and engagement, customer service, and insights and analytics would break silos, facilitate communication, and create the cohesion it desired in order to provide customers the best possible experience.

“We immediately appreciated the possibility of using a single platform for both live chat and social networks,” said Cristina Toniazzo, Happiness and Service Perspective Leader for Flowe. “We could see that having all customer-facing functions in a single platform and managing each case in an intelligent and centralized way would help us mitigate inefficiencies in our process.”

By choosing Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform instead of multiple point solutions, Flowe avoided fragmented customer data, an inconsistent customer experience, and disjointed teams — challenges that many other financial services companies struggle with. By choosing Sprinklr as their preferred technology partner, Flowe can now:

  • Utilize a single platform for all customer service needs, including live chat
  • Seamlessly triage, route, and prioritize customer issues
  • Tap into AI-powered social listening to evaluate how the new brand is perceived in the market and learn how its target audience approaches banking and sustainability
  • Benchmark social performance in real time against competitors and other best-in-class brands using competitive insights and benchmarking
  • Manage social publishing and engagement across all channels, establish content governance, and take advantage of social analytics
  • Measure the performance of campaigns and customer service SLAs — and use robust insights to inform business decisions

The Outcome

All of Flowe's social media and client-facing teams operate from a single, unified platform and easily collaborate with the bank's customer service, marketing and data analysis teams.

After launching in June 2020, Flowe welcomed more than 686,000 new customers in the first six months. With Sprinklr, Flowe representatives are able to easily manage customer interactions at scale and route issues quickly and seamlessly. Implementing Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform gives Flowe teams the visibility and transparency they need.

Flowe’s partnership with Sprinklr has enabled the digital bank to:

  • Grow managed cases more than 67% in the first year of operation
  • Unify the majority of front-office digital channels
  • Onboard 100% of its agents
  • Track and benchmark 18 of its competitors
  • Integrate all social media and client-facing teams on a single, unified platform and workflow
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration between customer service, marketing, social media, and data analysis teams