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How Moen became a leader in style, service, and social

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Moen is North America’s leading manufacturer of faucets, showerheads, and other kitchen and bath accessories. Its reputation for state-of-the-art design, style, service, and dependability has made it an industry leader since opening its doors in 1939.

“Social has become a foundational part of the customer experience for Moen. In the age of connected, empowered consumers, it’s important for our team to have the right technology in place to help us prioritize customer experience. Sprinklr provides us with the data insights and team efficiencies to develop strategies that align with Moen’s business goals.”

Alan Gravely
Alan Gravely,
Global Marketing Director
, Moen

But as the brand has continued to evolve into the digital age, it always looks for opportunities to continue its innovative traditions across social media platforms.

When the marketing team received a comment or complaint on social media, they had to move through extra channels before being directed to the care center. It was a stop-and-go process that needed to be streamlined for optimal efficiency.

At the time, the customer care process on social media took up to 72 hours and didn’t yield concrete data on what types of complaints and comments were trending. There was no direct way to message the care center, thereby making the process inefficient and costly.

But the right technology support could decrease these inefficiencies and create a more transparent, centralized, and metrics-driven process. Moen needed a dynamic solution that offered:

  • A unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform that could act as a bridge between siloed teams — turning isolated divisions into one cohesive unit working together.
  • A more efficient, more robust tool to streamline all aspects of their social media program.
  • Sophisticated reporting functionalities offering detailed insights into which channels, content, and strategies resonate best with their customers.


Recognizing the need to revamp and improve their customers’ social experiences, Moen wanted to find a tool to expedite and collaborate on work across customer care and advertising teams.

“Before, when everything was so siloed, it was impossible to centralize our data in one place or understand what was happening from a social standpoint across the industry. Now that we have Sprinklr, it’s provided that transparency and efficiency we lacked before,” said Brittany Neish, Senior Social Strategist and community cultivator. “All the insights we glean are bubbled back into all the other initiatives within Moen... so that changes can be made across the organization, not just from a social perspective, but at every digital touchpoint.”

She added, “We want to be a part of these conversations from the beginning. As faucets and fixtures come up, these potential customers know they can turn to us for the latest innovative, on-trend products.”

The team leverages Sprinklr Marketing to inform its strategy in real-time. Now the marketing team uses the same platform as the agency, allowing for more transparency and collaboration. Real-time reporting equips the agency to shift campaigns and capitalize on trending topics immediately.

“Having the ability to look at things at a more granular level to really see what’s happening under the hood has really helped us make strategic decisions,” said Lauren Ganim, Senior Digital Marketing Manager. Moen can view data from different channels against each other and easily compare performance. Neish agreed, “Being able to look at that in one view is such a game-changer.”

It has also helped Moen re-prioritize certain channels, now that the team can better measure their significance and value.

Moen adopted Sprinklr’s full suite of products with solutions that:


The social program and digital transformation is now top of mind for the entire company, from executives to social media managers to customer service representatives.

Sprinklr’s solutions and reporting dashboards give Moen’s team clear data on what would best resonate with customers, which always leads to more informed and nuanced campaigns. Moen’s increased visibility and business insights also make it easy for executives to understand the value and significance of social media in redefining the customer experience.

Moen’s new social strategies were so successful they were even chosen by Instagram to beta-test the original Instagram Stories alongside other iconic tastemaking brands, like Red Bull. Facebook followed up by featuring Moen’s success story at F8, their two-day developer conference.

Ganim noted that this was all “a huge feather in the cap for the brand. We are seen not only as a thought leader, but as technically savvy and socially savvy. It’s not a space that people thought about for Moen previously.”