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How Ubisoft leveraged one unified marketing platform to increase ROI on organic social content

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Ubisoft was founded in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers, who saw it as an outlet for their independent, creative spirits and an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a burgeoning software development industry.

As the family grew its business into a global organization, its desire to embrace new ideas and technologies has remained at the forefront of everything they do. With 59 global studios, 41 brands, and games like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Just Dance in its portfolio, Ubisoft is constantly seeking out innovative ways to bring surprising new experiences to the world of entertainment. It’s also always on the lookout for exciting new ways to deliver content and engage with its millions of customers on social channels.

“Today, we have so many different customers,” says Alexis, associate director of social media publishing. “We have our casual, classic customers, who enjoy playing Ubisoft games, and then we have our community members, who are fully engaged with the brands and the games.” This group, he says, subscribes to all of Ubisoft’s social media channels and discusses all of its products all day long. “And our goal is to engage with both types of customers through our social media campaigns.”

To do this, Alexis went looking for a technology solution that:

  • Includes a centralized editorial calendar and production dashboards for content management as well as automated reporting across all channels
  • Enables frictionless distribution of centrally-created, brand-approved content to local teams around the world
  • Allows for all channels to be moderated on one shared engagement dashboard
  • Provides governance to manage roles and permissions globally


Sharing high-performing assets between global and local teams

As a first step, Ubisoft onboarded 149 employees around the globe to Sprinklr’s platform for Campaign Planning & Content Marketing in order to improve team collaboration and efficiency. Using a shared editorial calendar and production dashboards, Ubisoft’s central marketing team now creates organic content and provides this pre-approved content to its local teams around the world. These teams then adapt and translate the messaging for local audiences, ensuring one, unified, on-brand voice for Ubisoft — no matter where in the world that content is published. With Sprinklr’s AI-powered content marketing capabilities built on a unified customer experience platform, Ubisoft increases collaboration across its brand and marketing teams and speeds up time-to-market for its campaigns.

“What Sprinklr represents for us, first, is an entry point for all social media campaigns for all teams across the world,” explains Alexis. As Social Media Publishing Strategy Manager Sharmili Singham explains, content-sharing goes both ways: when headquarters in France publishes great content, the team can share the content with other engagement hubs. “But sometimes there are great initiatives at the local level that need to be highlighted globally, and we are able to do that as well,” she says. Each week, Singham shares the top, local post, so other teams can consider adapting it for their audiences.

Tracking organic social post performance and asset reuse at global and local levels

“With Sprinklr, we can now not only track performance of our social marketing campaigns, but we can do something even more interesting to us, which is to track local performance versus global performance,” says Singham. She also keeps track of the percentage of global posts that are used by local teams. Monitoring the performance of both global and local posts as well as which assets are being re-used in local markets helps her to understand how and where best to allocate resources. “This is something pretty new for us, and it’s something that was fully developed for us by Sprinklr,” she says. “It’s helped us to really understand what’s happening with our social media campaigns. We are tracking these things very closely on a monthly basis, and we adjust our efforts as needed.”

Optimizing organic content for each brand on every social channel

Now that Ubisoft’s teams around the world have one shared global editorial calendar, they are able to easily optimize organic social posts for each Ubisoft brand and for each channel. “We can now anticipate the amount of communication per brand and ensure that we are not overwhelming any social channel,” explains Alexis. With posts from brand and community managers, local stores, and local marketing teams posting to Facebook, Instagram, X, formerly Twitter, and TikTok, social campaigns can be difficult to track and even redundant. But with all teams now working from a common platform, Ubisoft has visibility across all campaigns going to market.

Ensuring clear governance and permissions for users around the world

With wildly popular brands in its portfolio, such as Assassin’s Creed, it’s of utmost importance that Ubisoft employees and agency workers have access to assets pertaining only to those brands for which they work. “We have to set up specific workflows and specific roles to be sure that our Sprinklr users are only seeing what they need to see,” explains Singham. “This is really critical because we have lots of leaks in the video game industry, and we do not want one to come from us.” Singham has worked closely with Sprinklr to carefully set up permissions, ensuring that teams associated with one brand cannot access information, publish content, or pull performance reports for another. They’ve also set up clear, automated workflows and approval processes to ensure anything published or emailed has been fully vetted and reviewed before going out. These enterprise-level compliance and content approval frameworks help to guard against leaks and manage risk to the brand that could come from inaccurate or off-brand messaging.


With Sprinklr Marketing, Ubisoft has increased ROI on its organic social content, leveraging one unified marketing platform for global and local teams around the world to share and publish content across 41 brands and four social channels.

Ubisoft is also now able to identify top-performing assets for localization and re-use, reducing content production costs. Sprinklr’s platform saves time for teams by enabling agile marketing with automated workflows and managing brand risk with enterprise governance. Marketing Analytics provides a comprehensive view of campaign performance across Ubisoft’s brands and social channels.

Ubisoft’s social media team appreciates its close partnership with Sprinklr to customize their organic social marketing solution to the company’s exact needs.

“What I love about Sprinklr is the fact that it's really flexible,” says Alexis. “We have so many teams integrated and so many different needs to meet, yet for each need that we’ve had, even when it’s something that is really particular, we have never been told ‘no.’ Sprinklr always finds a way to meet that need.”