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Hyatt builds customer loyalty by putting care at the heart of its business

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The Challenge

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is an American multinational hospitality company. Customer care is at the heart of Hyatt’s business — for both its customers and its employees. 

Our partnership with Sprinklr has been fantastic because they really moved with the changes with us in many ways as a supportive partner, which allowed us to keep that guest contact and communication going across all of our channels, which could not have been more important in a time like we just had.”  

Julia Vander Ploeg,
SVP & Global Head of Digital and Technology
, Hyatt

“We’re a hospitality company, but Hyatt is special in the sense that we’re really all about caring for people, so they can be their best,” says Julia Vander Ploeg, Global Head of Digital and Technology at Hyatt. “That is in our DNA, and it has been since the beginning.”  With a distinct and premium guest experience baked into its DNA, Hyatt was well-positioned not just to weather the changes COVID brought to the travel and hospitality industry — but to thrive and to lead through them. Vander Ploeg wanted a digital solution that would enable associates in Hyatt’s contact center to deftly handle an increase in customer queries while maintaining the premium care customers have come to expect. She wanted a solution that helped them to:   

  • Meet customers on the channels they prefer 
  • Treat each customer uniquely, with case history at their fingertips 
  • Engage with customers on their terms  

The Solution

Sprinklr allowed Hyatt to customize its crisis listening capabilities during the pandemic. Teams were able to effectively track trends related to concerns around traveling and manage conversations with customers regarding reservation changes.  

Today, Sprinklr Service powers the premium customer experience that Hyatt creates for each guest. The minute a guest connects with the contact center, Hyatt agents pull up information to fully understand the individual and the context of their case in order to deliver the best care possible.  

“Our ability to recognize someone in a way that allows us to really care for them in a more personal way helps us drive loyalty,” explains Vander Ploeg. “So, in that way, Sprinklr’s tools are really a key part of how we can make that happen at scale and efficiently.”   

When Hyatt looks ahead to the future, it is focused on: 

  • Continuing to find ways to drive a more meaningful one-to-one relationship with every guest and every customer 
  • Delivering enhanced care to its guests and customers 
  • Continuing to drive value for the business  

The Outcome

Today, Hyatt has more than 700 employees distributed around the globe, working from the Sprinklr platform to engage with local customers.

Hyatt’s customer service team now responds to inbound queries from customers 34 percent faster than it did prior to implementation.

“When we work with Sprinklr, I wouldn't even say it feels like we're working with an enterprise software company,” says Vander Ploeg. “It's a great group of people and leaders who genuinely want to understand our business, the outcomes we're trying to achieve, and how they can be helpful."