Sprinklr + Amazon Web Services for Public Sector

Sprinklr offers solutions for Citizen Experience Management powered by AWS.

Unified Platform leveraging AWS

Sprinklr offers a revolutionary Unified Front Office that enables public sector organizations to delight their customers by connecting with them on the modern channels of their choice, and with a unified view of their interactions across marketing, advertising, research, care, and engagement.

Sprinklr leverages AWS technology that enables scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

Unified Platform leveraging AWS

Sprinklr is an AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Program member and a Public Sector Partner Program member vetted by AWS to deliver support for customers across the engagement and retention lifecycle.

This includes content management and marketing automation to engage prospects and customers with the right experience; effective and secure commerce solutions to create seamless buying experiences, and data analytics to support your decisions and retain customers.

Customer Success Stories Powered by AWS

How the World Health Organization untangles the COVID-19 infodemic with Sprinklr Citizen Experience Management, powered by AWS

It is critically important that all countries are able to report their COVID-19 situation. The updated WHO Dashboard will now provide more comprehensive insights about the epidemiology and response to COVID-19 at the global level.

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How the State of Washington serves, informs, and protects its citizens with Sprinklr Citizen Experience Management

The State of WA turned to Sprinklr to enable Citizen Experience Management (CXM) – a solution that drives citizen awareness of resources and manages

The State of North Carolina serves, informs, and protects its citizens with Sprinklr Citizen Experience Management, powered by AWS.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit North Carolina in early 2020, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services was inundated with social media activity. It became critical for the department to be able to manage its outgoing messaging more effectively and respond to the overwhelming audience engagement.

Sprinklr's Primary Government Use Cases

Drive Citizen Awareness of Government Resources & Services

  1. Leverage AI & omnichannel reporting to listen to public conversations & gain a real-time understanding of citizen awareness, sentiment, satisfaction and politicized agendas.

  2. Reduce the demand on systems, call centers, and support functions by utilizing A.I. to triage and respond to the influx of communication inbound across modern channels.

  3. Create clear, consistent messaging that combats misinformation, addresses current events, and responds to citizens' needs by leveraging AI-powered reporting insights.

Deliver Government Services Efficiently 
at Scale

  1. Make better informed budgeting decisions and optimize resource and service access by using AI to examine citizens' needs and experiences.

  2. Efficiently respond to urgent citizen concerns by enabling prioritization and collaboration on inbound inquiries across departments, divisions, and offices.

  3. Enhance productivity of cross-functional teams as they collaborate with context in a single platform with a unified global calendar and centralized asset management.

Manage Risk with Efficient Crisis Response

  1. Understand public opinion, trends, and concerns in real-time to detect impending issues at their earliest stage and decrease crisis response time.

  2. Ensure early visibility into crises & appropriate response with an AI-based early warning system and escalation process across departments and offices.

  3. Eliminate the risk of unauthorized communications activity by deploying an auditable governance structure that manages user access and permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

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