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Learn how your brand can build and sustain a strong digital presence by managing customer reviews online.

Yugal Pandey
November 13, 2021
3 min read

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What is review management?

Review management is the process of monitoring customer reviews posted about your brand on websites and social media channels. Every small and large business should actively monitor, analyze, and respond to all reviews, regardless of sentiment. An efficient customer review management strategy can help you tackle negative (and fake) reviews and promote positive ones to build a positive brand image.

Let’s understand how review management works with the help of an example:

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A user posted a negative review on Google explaining his dissatisfaction with a brand. And the brand, rather than neglecting him, respectfully responded to the customer and acknowledged and apologized for its mistake. Through its thoughtful response, the brand successfully responded to an angry customer, created an opportunity for positive interaction, and upheld its brand image.

What are the benefits of online review management?

There are many benefits of online review management:

  • Online reviews provide real-time feedback from your customers on your products and services, enabling you to better connect with customers and offer the right support or response.

  • Monitoring negative reviews helps you recognize the business problems faced by your current or prospective customers and lets you improve your business offerings, while positive reviews improve trust and confidence in your brand and serve as free advertising for your business.

  • Online reviews are a type of user-generated content (UGC) that search engines consider when ranking a website. The higher the number of positive reviews, the better the chances of your business ranking higher in search results.

Why does online review management matter?

There’s more to online review management than just responding to customer comments. You have to understand a grieving customer’s complaint, respond appropriately, and provide a solution — 72% of customers expect it from you. Here are a few reasons why your brand needs an effective online review management strategy:

1. Handle criticism before it becomes a crisis

Customers can sometimes be harsh, if you are not prepared, any online criticism can snowball into a crisis within a matter of minutes. Brands that monitor reviews regularly can address negative customer feedback promptly and solve top customer pain points with relative ease.

2. Ensure that you don’t lose potential customers

Customers consistently rate and review brands (and products) online, and 87% of prospects read those reviews before making a purchase. But inefficient handling of negative reviews can repel your potential customers, resulting in low conversion rates. On the other hand, positive brand reviews can amplify your brand, attract potential customers, and improve your conversion rates.

3. Become a brand trusted by customers

Your customer review management strategy directly correlates with how customer-centric your brand is, impacting repeat business and customer loyalty. In other words, consumers perceive your brand as trustworthy and customer-friendly when you are consistent in your responses to both positive and negative reviews.

Manage Your Brand’s Reputation with 360 Degree Insights

Protect your brand online with Sprinklr Ratings & Reviews

Sprinklr’s review management software, powered by advanced AI, brings your brand’s online ratings and reviews from 30+ digital channels together under one unified dashboard, enabling you to respond to those reviews and develop a meaningful connection with your customers.

Here’s how Sprinklr can help make online review management simple and effective:

  • Filter reviews by analyzing sentiment, ratings, keywords, products, and various customizable fields and then instantly route them to the right person.

  • Automate workflows and reduce the impact of negative reviews by responding immediately.

  • Leverage data-driven insights to inform your strategy and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Share positive reviews from Facebook, Google My Business, Bazaarvoice, and other online platforms across 30+ digital channels to boost customer engagement and conversions.

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