Unified customer experience is the solution to data deprecation in B2B marketing for 2022

91%* of marketing leaders recognize that an inability to deliver consistent brand experiences across channels carries a high cost.

B2B buyers' expectations are no longer just transactional — they want consistent, personalized experiences. But, marketers are faced with a multi-pronged attack from data deprecation and rising privacy regulations that make it harder to develop effective media strategies. See how leading B2B brands are investing in data access and media management to tackle these challenges.

“Communication, people, process, tools – we make sure all that is built for success, for consistency, for information sharing, and for knowledge sharing across teams.”
B2B Marketing Leader, Insurance Industry

“The key is to nurture them (customers) with the right kind of content – helpful, useful, consultative content – at key touchpoints throughout the lifecycle. And then coordinate with your sales team when it is time to bring them in.”
Channel Partner, Social Media Industry 

Improve B2B Marketing Performance to Deliver a Unified Customer Experience - A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sprinklr

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