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Customers expect brands to answer their requests immediately. With Sprinklr Service’s AI-enriched Live Chat software, you can connect with your customers sooner, predict customer issues, proactively reach out with personalised one-to-one support, resolve incoming requests, and collect valuable data to inform better agent-led resolutions.


of customers prefer live chat.

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Reduce customer support costs by 50%.

Eliminate the need for multiple follow-ups, lower your support costs and deliver personalised, fast service to customers by leveraging video calling, co-browsing, screen share and AI-powered Smart Responses from Sprinklr Live Chat.

Increase CSAT scores by more than 200% in less than a year.

Deliver better answers faster and reach resolutions sooner with automated workflows based on customer interactions and AI-powered routing that proactively identifies and routes incoming requests to the right teams with added context.

Improve online conversions by 40%.

Sprinklr Live Chat’s real-time behavioural insights, targeted pop-up chats and customised workflows identify high-value customers – and proactively engage with them to drive more conversions.

33% of customers expect live chat. How can Live Chat software help you meet their expectations?

Customers demand immediate responses to their requests. They also expect a personalised service. How can your contact centre use live chat to deliver the fast service that modern customers expect?

The answer: AI-powered chatbots that respond instantly, provide simple answers and capture data across the entire customer relationship – including chat and more than 30 modern digital channels. Live Chat from Sprinklr Service frees your teams to focus on more complex issues that require a human touch, while also sharing insights from available customer data so agents can personalise and humanise communications, and speeding up on-the-spot resolution of complex issues with video calls, co-browsing and screen-sharing.

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Resolve customer requests faster with Sprinklr Live Chat.

Connect with our experts to discuss your customer care centre’s specific goals and use cases, and discover how Sprinklr Service can help you.

Deliver a personalised experience to every customer who visits your website.

Reduce customer support costs and boost efficiency with AI-enhanced features.

Improve customer satisfaction and collect feedback automatically.

Personalise customer experiences and improve engagement.

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Integrate Live Chat seamlessly into any website or mobile app – and customise the look and feel, theme, language, logo, chat position and fonts to suit your brand.

Drive 3,400% growth in operational savings over four years with AI.

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Leverage Sprinklr’s AI-powered chatbots to empower customers with self-serve options – and provide them with human support for more complex issues.

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Increase customer satisfaction rates 5.4 times.

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Collect visitor data, track actions and create customised journeys with Live Chat to reduce shopping basket abandonment rates and improve conversions.

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How a unified contact centre solution helped AkzoNobel UK reduce response times by 80%.

Offering proactive support with a streamlined care centre.

AkzoNobel UK now provides social customer care for 6 different brands and 19 different accounts across 6 social channels – all from a single contact centre solution.

Increasing engagement by 172%.

By supporting customers along every step of their journey, AkzoNobel UK has seen a steep increase in interactions, positive sentiment and even earned reach.

Decreasing average response times by 80%.

Sprinklr cut their average response time from 5 hours and 42 minutes to 70 minutes – all in a single year, leading to improved sentiment and happier customers.

Get the Essential guide to AI for customer service.

  • Discover how AI-powered listening on the digital channels that your customers prefer can help you get a head start on customer care.

  • Find out how to power IVR deflection via AI-powered chatbots, reducing your call volume and live agent costs.

  • Identify ways to accelerate agent response time by detecting customer intent via AI – and use those insights to generate helpful data and winning responses.

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