86% of customer support teams say ticketing solutions add to their productivity. Ready to take it up a notch?

Say goodbye to traditional ticketing systems with Sprinklr Service – a ticketing system purpose-built to deliver unmatched agent experience.

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Arm your agents with a future-ready AI ticketing system

Take your agent productivity to an all-time high

Use AI-led productivity boosters like canned responses, macros, quick actions to help your agents deliver faster resolutions and nail first response time and other mission-critical SLAs.

Serve customers across channels from a unified console

Leverage Sprinklr’s omnichannel capabilities to serve your customers across their preferred channels — digital and traditional – from a customizable unified Care Console.

Identify performance gaps for process optimization

Measure your team’s performance, track productivity trends, and boost your operational efficiency using real-time reporting widgets that are custom-built for your business.

Solve faster with Sprinklr’s unified ticketing

Sprinklr Service’s advanced ticketing capabilities help your team achieve increased customer satisfaction with faster resolutions.

Manage inbound ticket volume efficiently with Sprinklr’s advanced AI engine

Manage inbound ticket with AI

Reduce the number of unnecessary tickets using Sprinklr’s advanced AI engine that automatically detects and filters spam.

Ensure high agent productivity by streamlining ticketing processes

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Bring all your conversations across 15+ channels into one window with Sprinklr Service’s omnichannel capabilities for a seamless agent experience.

Optimize your CX strategy with actionable insights

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Maintain a comprehensive customer profile widget — complete with case histories and agent notes — to provide highly relevant customer support.

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Honda ON主任



AkzoNobel UK社では、6つのソーシャルチャネルで6つのブランドと19の異なるアカウントのソーシャルカスタマーケアを単一のコンタクトセンターソリューションで提供できるようになりました。


AkzoNobel UK社では、6つのソーシャルチャネルで6つのブランドと19の異なるアカウントのソーシャルカスタマーケアを単一のコンタクトセンターソリューションで提供できるようになりました。

Use advanced AI features to future-proof your ticketing system

Omnichannel ticketing

Direct all incoming messages into one inbox for easy triaging and assignment, and track tickets across channels.

Ticket queues

Route incoming tickets to queues using conditions and auto-apply assignment rules and workflows.

Ticket views

Set up custom tickets views based on predefined criteria to view, sort, and prioritize your incoming tickets.

Ticket forms

Source issues from customer touchpoints directly and create internal tickets to assign to agents.

Ticket fields

Control what information your tickets require to gather context and even build customized reports.

AI engine and automation

Identify engageable tickets effortlessly and reduce manual efforts for agents and admins alike.

Extensive reporting

Analyze your team’s performance and optimize existing workflows for better efficiency.

Quick actions

Group frequently—performed ticket actions — like changing status, assignee, etc. — together, and execute them all with one click.

Canned responses

Templatize commonly-sent responses and cut down your response time and stay on brand at all times.

It takes just 10 minutes to level up your ticketing system

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