#17 Britta Seeger
Member of the Board of Management, Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales
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Britta Seeger faces an exciting challenge: making the iconic Mercedes-Benz seem like a more approachable, realistic option for younger consumers. To that end, she’s brought the brand to new audiences by sponsoring high-visibility events such as SXSW, Burning Man
and Coachella.

A Modern Approach for a Classic Brand

With Seeger at the helm, the brand is also opening pop-up stores in select markets, which allow potential customers to check out Mercedes-Benz cars in a setting that’s more informal than a traditional dealership.

“It’s about instilling enthusiasm about the car,” Seeger said of pop-up stores during an interview with INTHEBLACK. “We think customers shopping online will increase dramatically, but we have to be good at both – combining tech with customer service.” Keep an eye on Seeger and team to see how that strategy reshapes Mercedes-Benz in the years to come.

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