#2 Marc S Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer
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Marc Pritchard continues to evolve with the times. As the head of marketing at global packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble (and chairman of the Association of National Advertisers), Pritchard has driven the company's strategy of creating content that’s highly relevant to
the most crucial topics of the day.

Taking a Stand

The Best Men Can Be campaign from P&G’s Gillette urged men to set a healthy example for younger generations in the midst of the #MeToo era. The ad was well-received if slightly controversial, and reflected Pritchard’s focus on telling stories that truly matter. “We wanted to start an important conversation, and we sure have done that,”
Pritchard told Forbes.

Prioritizing Security

Pritchard has a strong conviction that publishers
and broadcasters must “elevate quality, ensure brand safety, and have control over their content.” 
He has also called for social networks to prioritize transparency and data security – a key measure to ensure that well-crafted content reaches consumers with its values and message intact.

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