Get to customer insights quicker — and make informed decisions faster.

Uncovering meaningful insights in an ocean of unstructured, siloed data is like finding needles in a field of haystacks. That’s why Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Insights unifies customer data into a single 360° view, analyzing 200 billion historical messages across 30+ channels to surface shifting trends or data anomalies as actionable insights — driving faster, fully-informed business decisions.

Forrester found* that data and analytics decision-makers indicated that only 50% of their organization's business decisions are made using quantitative information and analysis.

Data Literacy Matters To Your Company’s Success, Forrester Research Inc., August 2, 2021

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Analyze 200 billion historical messages — all in one place.

Smart Insights leverages the most sophisticated AI engine for enterprises to eliminate the guesswork from data analysis — automatically identifying anomalies based on historical data to quickly surface the actionable insights you need.

Increase your efficiency with one-click instant access to business-critical insights.

Save yourself the hassle of investigating a data anomaly. Smart Insights leverages Sprinklr’s advanced AI to instantly identify the root cause of all data spikes — empowering you to use the right insights to make the right decisions.

Only 29% of companies succeed at turning analytics into action. Be one of them.

Learn how customers perceive and rate your brand. Smart Insights tracks your brand and your competitors across 30+ digital and social channels — so you can unlock insights into your customers and competition before anyone else does.

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How can business decisions powered by smart insights drive measurable growth?

The incredible volume of unstructured social data spread across modern channels can be overwhelming for brands. Sometimes, invaluable customer insights get lost in the noise — obscuring critical insights and slowing down decisions.

How can brands overcome this challenge, and keep up with customer data on an enterprise scale? Start with a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform that brings customer data from 30+ digital and social channels together in one place to create a more cohesive, 360° view of the customer. With sophisticated AI that breaks down data silos to shine a light on consumer behavior — and offers actionable insights about your customers and the competition — this unified strategy powers informed decisions in real time, fueling better customer experiences and business growth.

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Accelerate business decisions with Sprinklr’s Smart Insights.

Connect with our experts to discuss how you can leverage AI-powered instant insights to make faster, better-informed decisions about your products, competitors, and customers.

Get 94% accurate insights quickly — and make better decisions faster.

The advanced social listening capabilities of Sprinklr Insights capture customer conversations from 30+ digital and social channels in one place. Smart Insights then analyzes all of this structured and unstructured data to shine a light on customer behavior, including how they think about and rate your brand, as well as real-time predictions about your competition.

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How a South Korean entertainment giant harnesses global fandom with greater social media visibility.

Tracked ~30M mentions per month in 4 languages on a single platform

YG Entertainment turned to Sprinklr’s Smart Insights to track millions of fan conversations across multiple languages to get a better understanding of their fans and to gain valuable insights into competitors and their offerings.

Captured fan sentiment across 30+ digital and social channels

YG Entertainment had big plans to redesign its business and optimize for monetization. But first, they had to track fan conversations across a full spectrum of digital channels to capture the most accurate, comprehensive data. Sprinklr Smart Insights delivered.

Made faster, more informed decisions in less time

Sprinklr helped YG Entertainment transform unstructured data into actionable insights in real time — empowering the brand to stay on top of industry and consumer trends, and to leverage that analysis to drive better business decisions.

Sprinklr Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

Sprinklr is recognized as a Leader in Social Suites by Forrester Research, for the ability to deliver “across all social media needs at equal depth — listening, customer service, organic publishing, and advertising — plus some secondary social products like influencer management and employee advocacy.”

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"Sprinklr Can Do It All"

“We leverage Sprinklr for general listening, benchmarking, and research, and then turn those insights into visualizations through the Display module. We also leverage Presentations to provide real-time updating reports for internal stakeholders. We're able to understand not only what's being said about us, but what our competitors are doing from content performance to their customer response times.”

- Review on TrustRadius

3 Steps to Transform Your Customer Experience with AI-Driven Insights.

Your customers expect a personalized experience in real time on their preferred digital channels. Learn how to combine listening and AI to turn vast amounts of unstructured customer data into powerful, actionable insights.


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*Forrester Analytics Business Technographics® Data And Analytics Survey, 2020

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