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Why Enterprise Companies Need a Complete Social Listening Platform

Sprinklr Team

January 20, 20214 min read

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Top consumer brands know that to provide exceptional customer care, they need to connect with their customers online. Today, that means not only being present on social media, but establishing a strong presence on every modern channel that matters.

What’s Missing from Many Enterprise Social Listening Solutions?

As social media management becomes increasingly important, more and more marketing point solutions are emerging. There are several contenders in the enterprise social listening space, but because most of them are limited to monitoring publicly available tweets and reviews, brands that use these tools can’t properly scale their listening efforts to meet their customers where they are.

With 126 million people using Twitter each day, it’s understandable that brands want to keep an ear on the network. Facebook, however, boasts 1.2 billion daily users. If a brand is only monitoring Twitter, it’s missing billions of conversations on Facebook, Instagram and many other social media networks.

With Sprinklr, brands can monitor dozens of social media and messaging channels in one platform, providing the most complete enterprise social listening experience. If a customer writes a message on Facebook, calls an 800- number, and also reaches out on Twitter, customer care agents can see all three interactions and respond in a personalized, helpful way with a resolution to their inquiry.

For brands to really know their customers, understand their challenges, and predict their inquiries, they also need insight into online discussions, company mentions, product or service ratings, and reviews. Stitching together this disparate customer information across point solutions doesn’t match the depth of a complete SMMS platform.

Real-Time Updates for Real Results

Another common issue among many social listening providers is lengthy turnaround times for stats. Some monitoring tools have a 24-hour lag to populating analytics dashboards with real-time conversations. This is 24 hours that your team is unable to see social media campaign results and actions. In the on-demand world we live in, that’s far too long of a delay.

With Sprinklr’s full listening capabilities, customers have access to real-time data at their fingertips. Users can make content updates based on reactions, adjust advertising budgets to maximize ROI, and create reports at any time.

Even the data itself is a competitive advantage of Sprinklr. Other social listening platforms only offer partial data from social networks. Sprinklr has invested in strong business relationships with its social media partners to provide a full set of real-time data.

Actionable Insights

Being in the moment and responding to posts in real-time – that’s what social media is all about. But if your social listening tool doesn’t allow you to be lockstep with your customers, what’s the point of having it?

With Sprinklr’s Research product, users can not only see what others are saying on social media, they can respond immediately. In a crisis situation, this always-on capability is vital. Your customers need to know that you’re available and listening to their concerns. Even in everyday surprise and delight campaigns, timing is everything.

If someone has something good to say about your brand, your team can follow up with a quick digital “thank you.” These small interactions can have lasting impacts and build loyalty. With a unified platform, it’s easy to be part of the conversation as it’s happening.

Research is also a valuable tool for long-term social strategies. Users can extract data and gain insights on how trends have developed over time. Teams can then adjust their marketing plans to focus on actions that have shown the greatest results historically. Companies can innovate their lines of business by incorporating customer feedback.

Sprinklr: the Most Complete SMMS Solution

With the ability to listen to and engage with customers online, create and schedule social media content, and analyze data from across dozens of social media and messaging channels, the Sprinklr platform beats any combination of point solutions every time. For enterprise companies, one unified platform for all of your marketing activities saves time and money no matter how you slice and dice it. Give your team the platform they need to succeed with today’s digital-first consumer.

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