Maximizing engagement and elevating customer experience with Sprinklr AI+

Jaimie Selwa

January 30, 20245 min read

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What do you get when you unify proprietary AI from Sprinklr with the world’s leading generative AI models? The answer is Sprinklr AI+, a generative AI solution that brings capabilities from OpenAI and Google Cloud Vertex AI to drive the future of customer experience.

With generative AI capabilities powered by an enterprise API integration with OpenAI’s GPT models and Google’s Vertex AI offering, Sprinklr customers can now tap into new features across all four Sprinklr product suites. Read on to discover the ABCs of Sprinklr AI+ and how brands can use them as the building blocks for their CX strategy.

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Automation at its finest

Sprinklr Service is a best-in-class, unified omnichannel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). With Sprinklr AI+, organizations can now supercharge agent productivity with generative AI features like Case Summarization and Call Notes Automation (Case Disposition). This allows agents to focus completely on their customers, eliminating the need to take notes during the conversation. It also provides context to ensure accurate documentation — and saves a considerable amount of agent time by automating post-call workflows.

An e-commerce retailer of high-street fashion and beauty brands implemented features like Reply Assistance, which helps agents generate and improve content with a single click. Sprinklr AI+ automatically extracts answers from the company’s knowledge base directly within the platform, ensuring the responses are accurate and consistent.

“Agents only have so much time in a day and their time should be dedicated to customers who need one-on-one assistance,” says the brand’s customer happiness manager. “Agents shouldn’t have to answer the same questions for which we’ve already crafted answers.”

Audience tailoring leads to more personalized experiences

Tailoring your message to your audience makes it more relevant and effectively demonstrates that you know who you’re talking to. Personalized communication shows that you've taken the time to understand their perspective, fostering trust between you and your customers — and Sprinklr AI+ can help you do it.

Planet Fitness uses Sprinklr AI+ to help its social media care representatives easily modify their tone depending on the customer and the channel they’re using. Whether responding on X in a casual, playful way or maintaining a professional tone on forums like Google reviews, representatives use this feature to ensure their responses align with the vibe of the specific channel and audience.

With the Modify Tone feature, users can quickly adjust their messages without compromising professionalism. This is especially helpful when switching between platforms like TikTok and X, which have distinctly different audiences and communication styles. This ensures Planet Fitness has consistent messaging across diverse social channels, while always staying in tune with the unique preferences and expectations of each platform’s users.

Brand engagement gets an international upgrade

With deeply integrated generative AI features come increased use cases for Sprinklr solutions, including unparalleled translation capabilities. Organizations such as Boston University are already using translation in Sprinklr AI+ to market to audiences around the world.

“If you’re like our team and have social channels dedicated to an international audience, Sprinklr can be a great tool to help you quickly translate your copy to speak to your audience directly,” says Dave McDonald, Director of Social Media at Boston University.

Business intelligence you can action

Sprinklr AI+ enhances query-building and streamlines the process of gathering insights from online conversations. Kara Seymour, Reputation Manager at Planet Fitness, leverages the tool to construct queries for topics and themes aligned with her research objectives, and to create reports for stakeholders. Proactive alerts notify Seymour of spikes in volume for conversation themes, ensuring timely awareness of potential issues and the ability to quickly address concerns.

“AI+ does a really good job building out the topics and the themes,” says Seymour. She looks forward to pulling even more powerful listening insights as capabilities evolve to include synonyms and word variations that customers use. “This would expand the scope of queries and enable a more comprehensive analysis of customer feedback and discussions,” she says.

McDonald from Boston University also uses deep insights from Sprinklr AI+ to build stronger queries. “Gone are the days of guessing which keywords to include in your listening queries,” he says. “With Sprinklr AI+, just type in a few keywords, hit the AI button, and Sprinklr will automatically give you suggestions to add to your listening topic.”

Customer service like never before

Sprinklr AI+ provides unique, built-in solutions for common customer service problems. For example, representatives often have to respond to many online reviews but struggle to make each response unique. The Make it Longer, Make it Shorter and Reword prompts enable representatives to effortlessly customize their responses, a set of features that Planet Fitness uses to ensure all replies are personalized and appropriate in length and detail.

“The flexibility that AI+ provides our social media care reps ensures that our responses are true to the brand and aligned with the tone, while meeting the requirements for the specific social channel,” Seymour says.

Content creation, amplified

Whether a brand needs support in crafting the perfect Instagram post or summarizing the key points of an article into a single X post, Sprinklr AI+ can help.

As McDonald says, “Just answer a few simple questions, designate your target audience and tone and, like magic, the platform will create a list of possible captions for you to choose.” Just remember to read through and revise your Sprinklr-generated captions to make sure they align with your brand’s style and voice.

With Sprinklr AI+, brands can augment their existing conversational AI bots, chat platforms, and knowledge bases with generative AI for writing, translation, summarization and more.

Reach out to your success manager or account executive to enable Sprinklr AI+.

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